Rape Is Gendered

Yes, my fine fellows, the legal construct of the crime of rape, as opposed to the objective act of forcible or coercive sexual assault of some type, is gendered – utterly, completely, and unilaterally.

The crime of rape is gendered. It's applied in a sex-specific manner
The Crime Of Rape Is Gendered

One is forced to wonder if there is or will become of trend of females taking selfies during their Walk of Shame in order to evidence of their “rape.” 🙄

Then, this sort of misandry and sexism has to be expected. One, Feminists need to broaden the definition of rape in order to maintain their myth of the Patriarchy. Two and more fundamentally, Feminism isn’t in its current form about equality; it’s solely about providing females with special gender-based privileges and freeing them from any consequences of- or responsibility for their own choices.

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