In Scary Self-Defense

In Scary Self-Defense Against Christmas Creep
In Scary Self-Defense Against Christmas Creep

So, yesterday – that’d be November 4th – I went shopping. And what did I find? Christmas stuff… all over the place – Christmas-themed product packaging, Christmas-themed products themselves, and whole Christmas decorations and paraphernalia displays. On November 4th!

A Good Defense Is A Sexy Offense

When the Christmas Creep is this aggressive, I’m forced to pull out the Halloween Calendar in response. 😉 If the cultists of the ice-bound Draugr from the North can’t wait – in America – until at least the day after Thanksgiving, we’re going to have to combat their advance. And hey! I’d strongly prefer they be forced to wait until Adventthat’d be Sunday, December 3rd this year – to trot out the Christmas stuff, but I’m not a fanatic and am quite willing to compromise to the old tradition of the day after Thanksgiving.

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Halloween Approaches

Halloween, Not Christmas
Halloween Approaches. Christmas Is Nowhere In Sight

‘Tis Halloween that approaches, not Christmas. Christmas isn’t even on the horizon yet. So back in your hole!

This is the season of black and orange, not red and green. It’s the sexy, spooky, candy and booze laden season. Go back to waiting for after Thanksgiving before inundating us with the retail season.

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It's Still Halloween!

It's Still Halloween! Back In The Hole!

That’s right! It’s still Halloween season, not Christmas season, or even Thanksgiving season. So take your Christmas music and ads and get back in the damn hole!

It’s Still Halloween! Back In The Hole!

This is still the spooky, sexy, candy-laden time of year, and the colors of the season are still black and orange, not red and green. Wait your turn!

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Happy Retail Season

Happy Holiday Retail Season
Happy Retail Season, America!

Happy Retail Season, One and All! 👿 That’s right; retail season, not Christmas season – and, at this point, we’re deep in it, with only 17 shopping days left. So, forget about our nation’s domestic enemies’ war on Christmas; and too, accept that Christians lost that war before the Left ever engaged in it. Understand the true meaning of this holiday – spending, spending, spending.

Think about it.  Christmas holiday sales comprise about 19% of the retail industries’ total sales in any given year, resulting a bit over 700 thousand “seasonal employees” being hired throughout the US to handle the holiday rush of consumers eager to the point of danger to buy stuff.

And please, don’t forget that we have to buy the decorations too.  It’s just not Christmas without a house full of decorations made by migrant laborers in a Chinese sweatshop.

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Got Your Tree Yet?

It’s close enough now that you should be considering picking out your Christmas tree for this year’s holiday season.


Picking Out The Xmas Tree
(Click to Enlarge)

Perhaps you should ask your woman to go pick one out. There’s the chance that she could get a better deal on one than you could. 😉

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