Truth: Land For Peace

Unsurprisingly, Obama has continued to mouth rhetoric from the same tired, old, failed Middle East policy regarding Israel and the Palestinian vermin which previous American administrations have repeatedly tried with no positive results.

Land For Peace
Land For Peace? Enabling Muslim Terrorism

This will continue to be a waste of breath because none of the Islamists in control of the Palestinian regions of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, nor their supporters such as Iran’s Hezbollah seek peace while single Jew lives in Israel, and because the Jews of Israel know this and will not submit themselves to genocide.

The truth of “Land For Peace,” or any variation thereof the requires Israel to surrender strategically critical lands, is that it’s a recipe for the utter destruction of Israel and the annihilation of her people at the filthy hands of the Muslims.

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4 Responses to “Truth: Land For Peace”

  1. Paradigm Says:

    So true. I remember a Palestinian on TV asked what kind of solution they would accept very frankly shook his head and said, “if we play our cards right, we will have it all”. And pulling out of Gaza didn’t achieve anything.

    Another hint that negotiations won’t work is that 33 percent of the Palestinians openly approved of the massacre in Itamar in which the terrorists slashed the throat of a 3-month old baby. I don’t usually use your terminology but I think in this case “vermin” is appropiate.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Another hint is that there are millions of Palestinians living in UN-built ghettos – misnamed refugee camps even after 3 – 4 generations – in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria and they, though living in worse conditions and under greater daily oppression than their kin in Gaza and the West Bank, haven’t been engaged in decades of terrorism against their host nations.

    Only Israel, with its Jews and the many Arab Christians who fled there, is targeted for destruction.

  3. Debra Says:

    Since you don’t (appear) to live in Israel (or any of it’s variant parts), it might pay to understand the situation completely before you shoot off your mouth. Words are easier than actually picking up a gun to defend one’s position – (apologies if you are or have been a member of the armed forces – but from the sounds of it I suspect you have not).

  4. jonolan Says:

    Apologies accepted.

    Yes, I’m ex-military and have spent time in Israel and the Palestinian territories – along with many of the neighboring states.

    This is why I hold the opinions that I do. I’m familiar with the parties involved and have a reasonable grasp of what their goals are and how far they’ll go to achieve them.

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