Portrait Of Idiocy

What is most amazing about the rabble of the OWS mobs is the o’erweening arrogance of them combined with their self-absorption, histrionics, and delusions of worth.

Portrait Of An Idiot - OWS at its self-absorbed, histrionic finest
But You Can And Must Evict Criminal Squatters & Insurgents

The image of this particular would-be insurgent sums up the attitude perfectly. It’s truly a portrait of idiocy.

Only this particular sort of over-indulged slacker would hoist a sign like that, as if ensuring that basic peacekeeping and the law were followed somehow stripped him and his ilk of their voice.

But then, the Occupations have never truly been protests. They’ve been attacks on the financial infrastructure of America, though largely ineffectual ones to-date.

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