Break Or Raise?

Obama - StalinObama had claimed that America was at a “make or break” moment for the middle class when it came to his plan to extend and increase the payroll tax breaks of last year. This is all well and good in the short-term, though it further beggars Social Security in the long run if the resultant revenue shortfall isn’t made up for.

Extending and deepening these “middle class tax cuts” wasn’t even a particularly contentious issue. The congressional Republicans quickly agreed that not extending these cuts was economically contraindicated at this exact time.

So the GOP-led House drafted a bill to extend the payroll tax breaks, additional limited unemployment benefits, and a continuation of full payments to doctors who treat Medicare patients – essentially everything that Obama had claimed he wanted and that the middle class needed.

Obama’s , his handlers’, and his sycophants’ response was to have a tantrum because funding for the measure did not come from taking further wealth away from higher income Americans. It was solely funded through a freeze on spending for federal salaries.

This debate should not be about scoring political points. This debate should be about cutting taxes for the middle class.

If the President were presented with H.R. 3630, he would veto the bill.

— Executive Office Of The President
Office Of Management And Budget
Statement Of Administration Policy

It seems that the extension of the payroll tax cuts for the middle class are only vital and necessary if they’re paid for by increasing the amount of money taken from wealthier Americans and that wealth redistribution is the avowed administrative policy of the Obama Regime.

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