Charting Biden’s VP Pick

Charting Biden's VP Pick
Charting Biden’s VP Pick

With Biden make gender and race the paired primary “qualifications” for being his 2020 running mate, the Lamestream Media’s charting the duskiness of potential picks is actually less bias than just following along with the Gaffemaster’s own promise.

But hey! It’s not as if Biden couldn’t use a Magic Negress to keep him grounded and under control, and a strong, wise “mammy” might just be the best choice – though the Quaker Oats Company and their parent company, PepsiCo would probably disagree.

In any event and no matter which one his handlers pick for him, Biden’s VP choice in the 2020 elections will be the perfect and most perfectly visible token of what the Democrat party is now.

At least we know Biden won’t pick Hillary as his running mate. He may be a bit crazy and more than a little senile, but he does want to survive his possible term as POTUS without “suiciding” or have “an odd accident.” 😉

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2 Responses to “Charting Biden’s VP Pick”

  1. Tyler, the Portly Politico Says:

    I don't know which would be worse: President Kamala Harris or President Stacey Abrams. *Shudder!* Because we know the VP and the Cabinet will run everything, radically, in a Biden Administration.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Biden’s handlers obviously learned from Obama’s. They’re going to pick a VP that makes Biden fairly assassination-proof.

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