Benghazi Talking Points

Watching the Benghazi scandal and its coetaneous cover-up unfold is interesting and more than a little amusing, albeit in a very darkly comedic way. Seeing and hearing the official Benghazi talking points change as they move closer and closer to the White House is a stereotypical example of redaction in action and the Obama Regime’s compulsive need to control the narrative.

Benghazi Talking Points
Redaction In Action

In many ways, however, I’m forced to agree with Hillary Clinton. “What difference does it make?” Stevens, Smith, Woods, and Doherty all chose to lend material aid and comfort to Obama and worked to further his agenda. I can’t see why any American would or should mourn their deaths at his metaphorical hands.

It’s only the ensuing lies and cover-up by the Obama Regime that interests and outrages me. That and the boy’s concerted effort to blame America and Christianity for the Muslim terrorist attacks.

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