A Surprising Source

A Surprising Source of Filth

Various and sundry people have complained about the antisemite and anti-American cartoons floating around the newspapers, magazines, and websites of the Islamic nations in the Middle-East. The cartoons, which alternately depict Jews as Nazis and glorify in the killing and maiming of US Soldiers, are used as evidence of the pervasive evil of the Islamic peoples of the world.

Surprisingly though, the source for these pernicious illustrations is not the Middle-East; it’s Brazil in the person of Carlos Latuff.

Carlos LatuffCarlos Latuff is a freelance political cartoonist, born in November 30, 1968, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He makes his living by creating images that fuel the Muslim world’s hatred of Jews and Americans.

In addition to creating  various hate-filled images for a number Middle-Eastern newspapers and magazines,  Latuff has penned several comics about Middle-East crises such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Iraq War, mainly highly critical towards Israel and the United States of America while sympathizing with the Islamist terrorists such as Al-Qaeda, Sadr’s Mahdi Army, and Hamas.

He’s a real “piece of work.”

During an interview with the Jewish-American weekly newspaper The Forward in December 2008, Latuff responded to charges of antisemitism:

My cartoons have no focus on the Jews or on Judaism. My focus is Israel as a political entity, as a government, their armed forces being a satellite of U.S. interests in the Middle East, and especially Israeli policies toward the Palestinians. It happens to be Israeli Jews that are the oppressors of Palestinians. ……My detractors say that the use of the Magen David in my Israel-related cartoons is irrefutable proof of antisemitism; however, it’s not my fault if Israel chose sacred religious motifs as national symbols, such as the Knesset Menorah or the Star of David = in killing-machines like F-16 jets

— Carlos Latuff
December 18, 2008 – The Forward

For myself, I say Latuff’s mouthings – while they well ape reasoned speech well enough – serve little purpose beyond self-apologetics. Since Latuff has some pretensions as an artist, let us have his works speak for him.

Here are 87 of Latuff’s cartoons, in 10 gallery pages. Be warned, most of them are grossly offensive in one fashion or another:

You can often tell a great deal about an artist by his works; it’s a graphic view into the artist’s views, thoughts, and emotions. If I were to develop a profile of Latuff based upon his cartoons, I would describe him as a hate-filled antisemite, White or Anglo hating racist, and a violent Socialist who hates Capitalism and Democracy with a black passion that knows and accepts no limits of common decency. Also, judging by his works, I would hazard the guess that Latuff is not a Muslim, but an Atheist. These are just my opinion though; review his works and develop your own.

But please remember that he’s not Arab or Persian, he’s Brazilian. Not all of the hate filling the Muslim world originates from within it. Those Muslims are as susceptible to propaganda as anyone else and a lot of the evil cartoons floating around the Middle-East were not created there. Those cartoons were created elsewhere by vile people with their own agendas.

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Israel’s Foreign Policy

Sometimes it seems quite strange the way that the US conducts it’s affairs with other nations, especially with the Middle East and other Islamic states. Our policies have a strange mixture of friendship and belligerence, always overlayed with our near unconditional and total support for Israel. It sometimes seems as if the United States is the agent of Israel’s foreign policy instead of it’s own policies.

The odd behavior of the US in regards to Israel and its Arab and Persian neighbors makes a great deal more sense when one learns that a large number of very important people either in the US government or advising the US government hold dual Israeli-American citizenship!

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