Reality TV POTUS

Posted in Politics, Society on May 15th, 2014

Barack Obama has, throughout what there is of his political career, always understood the power of the media in politics and shaping public opinion.

I am who the media says I am. I say what they say I say. I become who they say I’ve become.

– Barack Obama
The Audacity of Hope (2006)

That’s all well and good. It shows a certain pragmatic wisdom that is often lacking in American politicians. The problem is that, as the POTUS, Obama and his regime have decided to become the media, replacing the free press with their own staff.

Reality Show President: White House TV

As Reason TV so aptly describes, Obama has not only become a media mogul of sorts, he became one of America’s best known Reality Television celebrities, with the carefully scripted but oh-so-real looking image that is less even than a caricature of the person or office in question.

“The White House has effectively become a broadcast company,” says Michael Shaw, publisher of, a site dedicated to the analysis of news images. Shaw explains how strategically composed photos, taken by official White House photographers, travel from social media sites that are controlled by the administration to the front pages of newspapers around the world.

The press publishes the official White House photographs because independent photographers and videographers  are increasingly barred from covering the president. This practice has diminished the power of the independent media as an exclusive distribution channel while empowering official photographers such as Pete Souza, who are on the presidential payroll.  

And so, says Shaw, the public has been fed a steady diet of whatever kind of president the news cycle demands. When conspiracy theorists questioned Obama’s patriotism, we saw images of Obama the American everyman. To celebrate the anniversary of Rosa Parks’ 1955 refusal to move to the back of a public bus in Montgomery, Alabama, we saw Obama reenact her famous image. Time and again, we see Obama striking poses out of John F. Kennedy’s repertoire. The official White House photographers have created a presidential identity for every conceivable occasion—as long as the image is flattering, and almost always, larger than life.

This would be both sad and laughable if it wasn’t both scarily effective and yet another nail in the coffin of America’s constitution, which demands a free press. Nor is it in any way wrong for the Obama Regime to try to get their crafted image of the President out there. The issue is that they’re stifling and supplanting the free press in order to do so. Down that road, and not very far at all, lies tyranny.

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Facebook v. Reality

Posted in Humor, Society on April 6th, 2012

Gentlemen, please be aware that what you see on Facebook, or any other social media platform, may not match reality. Don’t get your hopes up too far, lest you end up disapointed.

Profile Pictures Are Not Authoritative

It’s marketing, my ever-hopeful fellows, and more often than not it bears only a vague resemblance to the truth. The ladies will take what pains they can to present themselves in the most pleasing fashion and, if that takes misrepresentation, so be it.

Gentlemen, we think in terms of hunting. Whether they know it or not, women think in terms of fishing. Those profile pics are just chum to lure us in. ;-)

As long as you approach things with a suitable amount of cynicism, rather than complain about these less than truthful profile pics, ask yourself why don’t you do that?

Do you really think that women want to see your sagging gut and gnarly legs in that wifebeater and shorts? Or your podgy face with its too many jowls and chins? :lol:

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Industrial Internet


Posted in Humor, Politics on March 25th, 2012

You got to give Obama credit for fully embracing Social Media and giving his zombie cultists the illusion that they’re involved in his and his handlers’ regime in a manner more substantial than just livestock being harvested for votes and support. Their latest ploy using Twitter, #IlikeObamaCare is an example of this.

They got a pretty good response from their base too, some of which were cherry-picked to be on the boy’s campaign website since they showcased what Obama and his handlers want people to believe. That’s a stunning bit of campaigning, especially since essentially nobody – certainly not the Congress that voted for it – knows what all ObamaCare contains, demands, and entails.

But, given the Law of Unintended Consequences and the nature of any and all government interventions into the private sector, I’m thinking that, in the unlikely event that the SCOTUS doesn’t declare ObamaCare unconstitutional, the future will have and different “hashtag.”

#ILikeObamaCare years and many victims later
#ILikeObamaCare Years Later

The ever delusionally hopeful Left and their minority tenants don’t wish to- and certainly refuse to hear it, but any program, public or private, predicated upon the antithetical premises of giving something to anyone and reducing overall costs, is doomed to reaching a negative result. In the case of healthcare or health insurance this necessarily means a reduction in the levels and quality of care, especially among young children, the aged, and those will chronic disabilities.

One need only look back at the great harm the early iterations of HMOs wreaked upon healthcare and health insurance to find solid evidence to support this idea. The harm those early HMOs wreaked was so great that this method of handling healthcare and health insurance isn’t even practiced anymore.

Of course, none of this will happen until long after Obama is no longer in office and probably not until after he and his family have fled the remains of the country, so he might actually get a chuckle reading the tweets with the #ILikedObamaCare hastag.

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