Church of Facebook

Social Media has certainly changed the way that a great many people “interact” with each other. It may also be changing how they “interact” with their God(s). 😉

Demotivational Posters - The Church of Facebook
Let There Be Likes!

I can just picture a tropic Bible with such passages as, “And God said, ‘Let there be likes!'” be published – online of course – in the near future.

In truth though, it’d be no worse or more ridiculous than the LOLCat Bible, which has been an ongoing project for some time already.

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Facebook Integration

jonolanFacebook Integration

Reflections From A Murky Pond is now integrated with Facebook.

Readers can now log into this blog with their Facebook account and can publish their comments on their Facebook profiles as well as on Reflections From A Murky Pond, if they so wish.

Facebook users’, when logged in, will also now display their Facebook profile picture with their comments instead of either their Gravatar or the blog’s default commenter image.

I have also – with the great help of the WordPress plug-in, WPBook – created a Facebook Application that allows bidirectional integration and synchronization between Reflections From A Murky Pond and Facebook. Now both posts and comments from the blog will show up in the application on Facebook and comments made within the Facebook application ( will also appear in the blog itself.

The application creates a small box in the Facebook users’ profiles that presents the headlines for Reflections From A Murky Pond’s five(5) most recent posts.

Reflections From A Murky Pond - Facebook Application Box / Widget screenshot
Application Widget Screenshot

Clicking on any of the headlines will take the Facebook users to the full application where they can view the post and its comments, and also comment themselves if they so choose.

I’m hoping that this will facilitate a greater reach for the blog and an easier means of communication and commenting since so many of us are on Facebook these days.

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Assassinating Obama

It seems that a recent user generated poll on Facebook has Obama’s followers very upset and all up in arms, figuratively at least. It asked a simple, unpleasant question – should President Obama be killed?

Poll: Should Obama Be Killed [Click to Enlarge]

Quite unsurprisingly Obama’s devout followers raised secular hell over this and reported the whole thing to Facebook and the US Secret Services. Facebook, being ever an avid avoider of controversy, pulled the poll off their social network. The US Secret Service is currently looking for the individual who made the poll, though any form of prosecution is highly and thankfully unlikely.

Was the poll crass? Certainly and in the extreme! Given the Liberals’ and Blacks’ overwhelming fears and the incessant meme of Obama’s assassination that they’ve perpetuated, a poll of this nature is cruelly akin to poking sticks at caged animals.

Was the poll stupid? Yes, and quite juvenile as well. The choices it contained were sophomoric and showed a gross lack of knowledge of both history and the American political system.

Was the poll, as the Liberals rant, an incitement to violence against President Obama? No, not in any sane person’s mind. Questions of this sort, no matter how uncomfortable or poorly phrased, are not an incitement to violence nor are such questions, in a supposedly free society, to be harshly discouraged. Therefor I have recreated the poll below:

Should Obama Be Killed?

View Results

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In truth I see little worthwhile use for the above poll except as a possible reminder to President Obama that he not universal loved or admired and the growing displeasure the American people have shown him should already serve that purpose well enough. I’ve recreated it mostly because I believe that outlawing such questions in the public forum is one of the worst forms of tyranny, and one Liberals have grown exceedingly fond of.

In case anyone cares, I voted “No.” I see no reason at this juncture to kill President Obama. I cannot say that he has acted in a manner that makes calling for his removal necessary.

Since I’m not even, as yet, demanding that Congress impeach President Obama, how could I endorse his assassination? I can’t see where violent action is merited when civil measures haven’t even been attempted as of yet.

The sole benefit that I can find in the poll, other than the visceral joy that scaring and angering the Liberals gives me,  was that it, at its core, asked – in an admittedly piss-poor manner – a very valid and uniquely American question – at what point is violence against the US government or individuals within it acceptable?

If you don’t believe that is a valid question then you’ve either forgotten or never learned the history of America, how it was founded, or the expectations and intent of our founding fathers.

There may well come a time when Americans have to use violence to depose our government or people within it. If we can’t even ask the question, we’re doomed to tyranny.

NOTE: For you Liberals who are terrified of anyone who would ask such questions and wish to do something about it, my local US Secret Service Field Office can be contacted at (718) 840-1000. Feel free to report me. 😉

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