What Was Good In 2020?

So, it’s New Year’s Day, the 1st morning of 2021. Seems a good time to look back on the dumpster fire that was 2020 and review what was good during this last year. So what was good in 2020?

The truth of the matter is that, with COVID-19 and the resulting devastating and largely ineffective “containment protocols,” and the “fair and legitimate” election of Joe Biden as POTUS, there wasn’t much at all that was good in 2020. The year mostly sucked.

But … there was some good in the ragged, shambling course of 2020! Specifically, I’m speaking fondly of the COVID QTs – those babes who’ve shown that sexy is still alive and well in the age of the ‘Rona.

What Was Good In 2020?

And, honestly, this isn’t just about sexy, beautiful babes rocking the whole masked thing. It’s also about the resilience and innovation shown by their doing so. And, it’s also about the creativity and “making lemonade” of the entire new “fashion mask” industry.

So yeah, there was some good in 2020 that we can enjoy looking back upon.

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