The Face Of Feminism

In plain and unpleasant truth it’s nigh on impossible to push a pleasant face on Toxic Wave Feminism. The females of that subculture, along with the quasi-males that support and enable them, do try to wear more acceptable masks in public though.

flesh mask
The Face Of Feminism

The scary part is that despite how horrific these Feminists’ masks are, the truth beneath is so much worse. Then again, Toxic Wave Feminism is an act of self-mutilation so this should be expected.

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Fuck Society!

The evils of the fashion and weight-loss industries are a pet peeve of mine, though I normally approach them with some humor and prefer counter-examples as a means of getting my point across. Sometimes though, one just has to be blunt.

Fuck Society - Sexy curves are way better than skeletons dipped in wax
Fuck Society! Curves Beat Jagged Angles Every Time

The victims of these moral crimes need deprogramming and re-education and the perpetrators need to be made an example of.

Either the acid facials favored by Muslims or the more chemically advanced DMSO, dichloromethane, phosphatidylcholine, and sodium deoxycholate cocktail bath will work well for turning these creatures into the appropriately artistic examples.


Cry not that it’s for the Law to deal with; the law is needfully weak and constrained. Say not that it is in the Gods’ hands; we are each the Gods’ hands and retribution is our holy duty.

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