The ACLU’s New Honesty

The ACLU's New Honesty
The ACLU’s New Honesty

Here’s another bit of interest from the Left’s now largely defunct hysterical mob action over Justice Kavanaugh: The ACLU in a rare paroxysm of honesty came out and campaigned¬† – to the point of spending millions of dollars on multi-state ads – against Kavanaugh’s nomination solely because of Ford’s now discredited allegations against him.

But, at least this is a much needed bit of honesty on the ACLU’s part.¬† And it is honesty, as a leaked internal memo shows clearly. The ACLU has officially abandoned their commitment to the Bill of Rights in favor of “Social Justice.” Now they’re just another hate group and, sadly, a well-funded one at that, with a large stable of lawyers to use in lawfare against the American people.

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