Dhimmitude 101

There can be little to no doubt that Liberal logic is Dhimmi logic when it comes to dealing with Muslims. Then, Liberal logic has always been predicated upon a miscegenate offspring of oikophobia and fear. It is the logic of the Heckler’s Veto crossed with that of the White Man’s Burden.

Muslims are peaceful unless you offend themLiberal Logic – Dhimmitude 101

This is what we consistently hear from the Liberals and Progressives within our borders – that Muslims are a peaceful people … but that any action that we take to protect ourselves from their proven acts of violence and terrorism against us in the name of jihad will cause them to radicalize and become violent. These Liberals and Progressives even go so far as to claim that actually believing and accepting the existence of their jihad is a recruitment tool for the jihadis and terrorists.

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