The Next Revolution

This is honestly why Americans, by and large, only roll their eyes at- and disparage the Liberals and Progressives who are still having fits and conniptions of Hillary being defeated Mr. Trump in the 2016 elections.

Pauline Revere's Ride
The Next Revolution

The men and women in America have since our nation’s proud and bloody inception respected strength, whereas the boys, womyn, gender-confused of the Left glorify weakness. Hence, their idea of revolution is not something that directly engenders any fear in our nation.

No. Their sort is allowed the privilege of their behaviors solely due to our tolerance of their failures. If and when they actually present a danger, e.g., if the alter the 2016 election results via suborning the Electoral College, Americans will respond in force and these puling, little Leftists will go scurrying back to their “safe spaces” like cockroaches when the light comes on.

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