The Bus Is Coming

Thrown Under The BusYou hear a lot about how many people expect Whites to be a minority in America within a couple of decades. You hear a lot of glee about it as well. You especially hear a lot of glee about it from the “Black Community.” They’re really looking forward to a White Minority.

While this is to be expected from their sort, the ignorance the Blacks display by being joyful over the “Browning of America” is both funny and painful to witness.

One simple fact that the jabbering fools fail to realize is that this White Minority will still be the largest plurality in the US and next largest one is expected to be Hispanic and due to immigrant, illegal and otherwise, not birthrate. Blacks are still going to the smallest minority.

The jabbering fools of the “Black Community” don’t realize that the bus is coming and the Liberals and Progressives, most of whom happen to be White, are going to throw them under it with nary a thought once they have a large enough crop of illiterate, impoverished Hispanic immigrants to pander to and harvest for votes.

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4 Responses to “The Bus Is Coming”

  1. jz Says:

    I am both black and I come from an Islamic family; yet I support your blog. I am so sick of political correctness. I get the point of it and I agree that people should not bash the lifestyles of others etc. But we have to grow a thicker skin and start listening to real and valid points. It feels like in the name of political correctness we have lost all sanity. We can not talk about what is really best for society because it will hurt the FEELINGS of other people. We cannot call liberals out on destroying the family unit. I am also liberal to a point but extreme liberalization is not a place I would like to live.

  2. jonolan Says:

    One small point of clarification – I tend to use the phrase, “Black Community” to denote the problem elements of America’s Blacks’ culture. Race itself, in my opinion, is immaterial in every sense except for certain medical contexts. Even my use of “Black Community” has to be taken in the context of America’s Blacks since different populations develop different cultures.

    But then I’ve always felt that Political Correctness had far more to do with politics than with being correct. 😉 It’s a weapon wielded by some and, like all weapons, is designed to destroy, not create.

  3. jz Says:

    Yes, well I am from the Caribbean, I think black communities there (I no longer live there) go through some similar things to the communities in America, but I am not sure. But yes continue to be unpolitically correct. People should be able to say what they feel. Causing other people real pain is wrong and that should be the line; not not talking about the long term effects of patting everyone on the back and saying good job while turning a blind eye to the many ills of people doing whatever they want to without a care for the effects that their actions are having on society on a whole.

  4. Alan Scott Says:

    What is white and what is black? Irish, Italians, Poles, Jews,etc were all discriminated against minorities. Now they are part of the white majority. I suspect that Hispanics will become part of the white majority in the long run. More and more ” White Hispanics ” .

    Politically the Black community is largely homogeneous. They always vote Democrat. Culturally there is a divide between immigrant Blacks and native born Blacks.

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