Blue Collar Existentialism

Blue Collar Existentialism
Blue Collar Existentialism

Philosophy is normally a subject of “study” restricted to the provided-for intellectual elites who will, sadly, never need to do anything useful to earn a living. But, in all truth, philosophy isn’t only for ivory towers. It’s also found in Walmart – especially existentialism and nihilism. 😆

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No Regrets?

Regret It is a long recurring theme, the call to have no regrets and/or to live one’s life without regret. Both the young and the middle-aged seeking to find their lost youth herald this idea as a measure of courage and personal growth.

It is one of the more laughable ideas that I’ve heard issue from the mouths of fools and people trying to sell me something. It also would be dangerous if generally achievable.

Let’s leave aside for the moment the fact that only the severely mentally deficient and/or damaged, the most shallow of narcissists, and total sociopaths could ever hope to achieve a life with no regrets. Let’s concentrate instead upon those deluded fools who might attempt this largely in vain.

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