Ecotards Are Like That

Ecotards Are Like That
Ecotards Are Like That

“Saving” a tortoise and throwing in it the water where it will drown – yeah, sadly, ecotards are like that all too often. In fact, a certain number of this misborn and very poorly raised idiots are an active and credible threat to the environment they purport to save.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s fewer and less extreme idiots among the “environmental activists” today, but in the many years I worked in the environmental field, I saw or heard of many, many acts of stupidity by ecotards that were at least as bad as throwing a tortoise into deep water in to set it free. Some were downright dangerous to whole population groups. 🙄

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Coal Is The New Black?

You may have heard, and even thought – if you’re not one of impis of the “Black Community”, that Queer was the new Black. This is untrue, however, at least in Bristol County, Massachusetts. In that area of the country coal is the new Black.

Recently, District Attorney Sam Sutter of Bristol, Massachusetts, used his prosecutorial discretion to drop all criminal charges against two eco-terrorists – Jay O’Hara and Ken Ward, who were set to go on trial Monday for blocking a shipment of 40,000 tons of coal because of…Global Warming. Sutter chose to drop the charges solely because he believed in- and supported O’Hara’s and Ward’s actions and position, as he made explicitly in two separate statements to the media.

Climate change is one of the gravest crises our planet has ever faced. In my humble opinion, the political leadership on this issue has been sorely lacking…. This symbolizes our commitment, at the Bristol County district attorney’s office, to take a leadership role on this issue.


As in all instances, I first had to consider the people of Bristol county. In addition to that, I had to give strong consideration to the cause that led to the act of civil disobedience. And I agree that climate change is one of the greatest crisis the planet has ever faced and that we have to act more boldly now.

— Sam Sutter

This moral, if not legalistic, crime is nothing new. Both before and during the “Civil Rights” era it was not uncommon in some areas for prosecutors to refuse to bring charges against Whites who committed crimes against Blacks, even when the evidence in favor of prosecution was both clear and overwhelming, solely because those prosecutors, just like Sutter, believed that the criminals’ behavior was justified and necessary.

So forget the Queers. In the ways that really matter, it’s coal, not them, which is the new Black.

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