More Women In IT (NSFW)

The paucity of women in the IT sector of the workplace hit the news again recently when Michael Arrington from TechCrunch posted an article asking women to stop blaming the men for that stark gender disparity. As expected, Feminists came out of the woodwork to “comment” on the article and verbally assault the regular patrons of the site.

Mr. Arrington is very, very right; women shouldn’t blame men – at least the men in IT – for the fact that there are few women in the various technology fields. We want more women in IT!

The morale boost and improvement to the work atmosphere alone makes having more women it IT something that we crave. 😉

Nice Racks! We Do So Need More Women In IT

That would be a damn sight – literally – better than the ugly, ugly truth of life and lifeforms in the data center.

Reality Is Often Unpleasant, Especially In IT

So please, ladies – and you Feminists too – don’t blame the men in IT for you’re not being well-represented in technology fields. We want you!

As it stands now, we’re so isolated from women that many IT types who read this post will likely look at the beautiful, half-naked women in the first set of images for a moment and then go on study in-depth and comment upon the actual racks, cable management, and using FreeBSD vs other operating systems They will likely even notice whether or not the ladies are wearing anti-static clips and cables.

Yeah, it’s that bad!

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