Al-Qaeda Wins After All

In the 10 years that America and the Civilized World have been defending themselves against the Muslims’ jihad humanity has made great strides in both exterminating the vermin and defending people against the vermin’s diseased rage. Sadly, it looks like Al-Qaeda and the other jihadis and terrorists will win after all.

Muslim Terrorist - Spreading The Faith Of IslamIn the aftermath of the Muslims’ terrorist attacks of 9/11 the US government under President Bush Jr. and Vice-President Dick Cheney stepped up and moved strongly and boldly to protect American men, women, and children from further terrorist attacks by America’s Muslim enemies.

One of the most maligned defensive measures was the creation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), who are responsible for deny Muslim terrorists access to transcontinental guided missiles – i.e., passenger aircraft – via American airports while still adhering the crippling duress of Political Correctness.

Most, if not quite all, travelers know that the TSA is annoying, obstructive, and “less than best prepared” to do their jobs. Despite the fact that ineconomies of scale, budget constraints, and the sad fact that the Liberals won’t allow them to do their jobs, there’s no denying that the TSA officers are not by any measure very good at their jobs. Yet as bad as they are now, they’re about to become even worse.

Not only has the TSA been allowed to unionize, its “workers” have elected the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), a cell of the ineffable AFL-CIO hegemony, as their exclusive representatives because the AFGE promised to eradicate the pay-for-performance system the TSA currently utilizes and replace it with a general schedule based upon seniority instead of merit.

Top priorities include adjusting policies around shift and leave scheduling and moving from the Performance Accountability and Standards System, the agency’s pay-for-performance plan, back to the General Schedule. PASS is “discriminatory and blatantly unfair,” particularly for senior employees, women and minorities, he said.

“The pay system and evaluation of employees to qualify for pay increases is horrible,” he said. “It’s a fraud, and we’re going to lay a lot of sunshine on that through the bargaining process. But bargaining is not the answer. We have to kill that system, and any type of management that cares about employees knows this has to go.”

— John Gage, AFGE National President

It’s a great idea to switch over the organization tasked with keeping the Muslims from crashing airliners into American cities the standard union failure of seniority-based pay scales and promotions. It has, after all, worked so well in the education system and elsewhere.

The real question is whether Gage’s income is being augmented by Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab, Hamas, and the Taliban or if he supports them due ideology and sharing a common enemy.

It’s not surprising that Gage’s potential deadly agenda set well with the TSA “workers.” The TSA had already had to lower the standards of its Performance and Accountability Standards System in 2008 because only 2% of its employees received the highest rating of “role model,” and only 20& got the next highest mark of “exceeds standards,” these top two rating being the only ones of the four original ratings that qualified for raises under the original system.

So the Muslim terrorists of Al-Qaeda and similar nests of vermin will win after all. Growing laxity and the inability to promote diligence within the TSA means that they will get on board our airlines amd will use them to wreak destruction. I just hope that Americans remember that this will be because of the AFGE and exact a lethal retribution upon their leaders and their leaders’ kith and kin.

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TSOs Of Gor

Tarnsman of Gor - Frazetta Cover ArtPeople in civilized, nominally secure nations, most especially Americans, fear, loath and despise the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and it’s officers and agents who provide the visible semblance of airport security.

They really don’t like, and oft times rant about, what they perceive as odious and  needlessly invasive screenings at the hands and machines of the Transportation Security Officials (TSOs).

Ah, but that’s here on Earth. On Gor things would be quite different. The TSOs of Gor would brook no defiance from a mere passenger.

I watched as the woman cringed and attempted to draw back from Thargyur, the TSA official. “What gives you the right to inspect me?” she demanded.

“You will be inspected,” said the TSA officer.

“But I do not want to be inspected! I just want to board my plane and leave!” protested the woman.

“You will be inspected,” said the TSA officer.

“Please do not inspect me! I beg you, don’t strip me and place me in that scanning machine and fondle my breasts!”

“You will be inspected,” said the TSA officer.

Verily, the TSA officer moved forward and proceeded to inspect the woman.

“Stop inspecting me!” cried the woman. “I do not want to be inspected!” The TSA officer continued to inspect the woman. “Help! Police! Bystander! Congress! Somebody… stop this man!” she moaned. The TSA officer continued to inspect the woman. She was passenger. She would be inspected whenever the TSA officer desired to inspect her. In other permissive societies such as Earth’s, perhaps the TSA officer and passenger might be prevented from filling their true places in nature; but in Gor, the passenger had no rights. She was passenger. She would be inspected at will.

The woman cried muchly as the TSA officer finished inspecting her. Too, she had been inspected; but this did not matter. She was passenger.

“You have been inspected,” said the TSA officer.

“Yes,” sobbed the woman. “I have been inspected.”

“I have inspected you very well,” said the TSA officer.

“Yes.” sobbed the woman. “I have been inspected very well; I am a passenger and deserve to be well-inspected by the TSA.” And yet, despite her sobbing, the passenger felt more passenger-like than she ever had on Earth. Only here, on Gor, could she truly feel like a passenger, at the capable hands of a Gorean TSA officer who would inspect her whenever he wished.

The next passenger, having seen this, did not protest when the TSA official inspected her. She was passenger. Such was the way of things.

When the TSA official had finished muchly inspecting her, she said to the first passenger, “I have been well inspected.”

“I, too, have been well inspected,” said the first passenger.

“I will be inspected whenever the TSA pleases,” said the second passenger.

“I, too, will be inspected whenever the TSA pleases,” said the first passenger.

“I may now board my plane,” said the second passenger.

“I, too, may now board my plane,” said the first passenger.

“Tal,” said the second passenger.

“Tal, too,” said the first passenger.

I smiled as I watched the passengers depart. I did not figure the first passenger would object to being inspected again; for this was Gor, and over her life, the passenger would likely be touched and inspected by many TSA agents. Such is the place of passengers.

Yes, on the fantasy world detailed in 29 volumes (soon to be 30) by John Norman aka Dr. John Lange, things would be quite different for the passengers indeed. They would be inspected, swiftly learn to accept it, soon learn to like it, and eventually come to yearn for their inspections and to love their TSOs.

It is well known that the Gorean TSO, though often strict, is seldom cruel. The passenger knows, if she pleases him, her trip will be an easy one. She will almost never encounter sadism or wanton cruelty, for the psychological environment that tends to breed these diseases is largely absent from Gor. This does not mean that she will not expect to be beaten if she disobeys, or fails to please her TSO. 😉

I wish you well!

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TSA’s Image Problem

TSA Checkpoint - Spoofed SignageThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is experiencing a lot of protests against their new backscatter X-ray full body scanners and the enhanced pat downs by TSA personnel which are the allowed alternative to the scans.

This is nothing but an image problem. People are opposed to the intrusive pat downs because they don’t want to be “groped” by the TSA agents.

This is a fixable issue. All it takes is for the TSA to change their image so that people want to be patted down by their agents in our airports. Changing the public image of their personnel would be a good start. 😉

Turning The Onus Into a Perk

Yes, this can work and has worked well in the past. All it takes is spinning a bug into a feature – at least in the minds of the consumers, in this case the flying public.

One thing – they let women be fondled by female agents, but what about we men? Can I demand a female TSA agent to fondle my junk rather than undergo a homosexual sexual assault?

If General Electric (GE) can try to shift the current image of coal as an energy source and the image of coal mining as a disgusting, dirty, dangerous, and mind-numbingly degrading means of making the rent, then the TSA should be able to adjust people’s opinion of the full body scans and enhanced pat downs.

GE’s Model Miners – Making Coal A Beautiful Way To Heat Up

Of course one would hope that the TSA would learn from GE Energy’s mistakes. Their setting their quasi-erotic Model Miner commercial to the tune of Tennessee Ernie Ford’s cover of Merle Travis’ Sixteen Tons, a song about how much working in a coal mine sucks, was avoidable error.

The TSA’s image problem is fixable. It just takes a bit of creativity, good marketing, a faith in the prurience of the masses. 😆

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