Signs Of Victory

The American EagleIn the long war to rebuild, restore, and renew the great, if beleaguered without and within, nation of America there are signs that we, the People are gaining the upper hand and are on the road to real victory over the neo-Socialist Liberals, Progressives, and other Statist domestic enemies.

Some signs are large and easy to recognize, such as the results of the 2010 elections.

Other signs are smaller, harder to see and analyze. Yet, it may well be these signs that truly presage Americans’ final victory over the Left.

Comments Are Closed

I’m in the Blogosphere more than a little and, in order to make this more efficient, my various tools roam the internet scanning for keywords and tags of interest to me. This gives me a partial overview of what’s happen in the world of alternative journalism that I can analyze with other tools.

If you’re one of those who’ve commented or complained about my commenting on your article mere moments after you published it, at least now you know how and why it happened.

A recent trend I’ve seen is Liberal blogs having closed the comments on their posts. I don’t mean on older posts; I mean that they’re publishing articles and not allowing any commentary upon them from the start.

This is very much one of those smaller, harder to see signs that we, the People are on the course to victory!

At the very grassroots level, the more vocal of our enemies are in retreat. They’ve given up the argument and, in the method of their doing so, they’ve isolated themselves from each other.

How long can they maintain their efforts without the reinforcement of their Leftist echo chambers? I can’t say, but it’s likely that they’ll only howl in their lonely personal wildernesses for so long before going silent.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉

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2 Responses to “Signs Of Victory”

  1. Charles Sifers Says:

    Immediately after the November election, there was a great cry to “work together”.

    Of course, what this really means is, “Let us continue to stab you in the back, even after you beat us.”

    The only real solution is to continue to grind these bastards into the ground, until they are completely gone.

    No playing nice.

    No quarter, at all.

    Our only option is total victory, and as long as they continue to whisper evil in the ears of our children and brainwash the weak minded to send against us, we will be at risk.

    We must not falter.

  2. jonolan Says:

    I think you give them too much credit. Their sudden cries to “work together” immediately after their brethren’s trouncing on Nov 2 was more a cry of “please don’t hurt us.”

    I doubt they remembered their own capacity for treachery for a couple of weeks at least.

    Now, of course, they’ve found and sharpened their knives. So, in the longer course, you’re exactly right.

    Just remember though that our domestic enemies have always felt entitled to victory and they respond with shock, confusion, and please for mercy when faced with sudden upsets.

    If we keep hitting them, we’ll keep them off-balance and on the defensive – ever more isolated as they go to ground as it were.

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