Any Questions?

A lot of Americans are less than totally pleased that Mitt Romney is the Republican Presidential Nominee, feeling that the choice between Romney and Obama is not really much of a choice at all. Romney is, after all, not fundamentally different from Obama in most meaningful ways.

The resulting apathy among Americans is compounded by the fact that Obama isn’t the great Socialist demagogue that he portrayed himself to be. He is, instead, a weak, petty, and narcissistic, and has no real agenda beyond his own aggrandizement. Additionally, with Conservatives in control of the House and having a strong enough force in the Senate to block the Liberal agenda, the tenant of the White House seems largely immaterial to the more casual observer.

Mitt Oromney
Any Questions As To Why Obama Must Be Defeated?

The similarities between Obama and Romney once again compound the issue. Romney too is weak, petty, and narcissistic, and has no real agenda beyond his own aggrandizement. He has no moral or policy positions and will, as he has always done, flip-flop on one issue after another based upon what he and his handlers feel will serve him best at that moment.

This malaise must be countered firmly and put to rest. Beyond all foreign and domestic policy (non)positions, beyond all legislative attempts that can be altered or blocked by the Americans in Congress, it is imperative that Obama be defeated and removed from office in November, 2012. The threat he poses to America is dire and of a generational nature.

Any Questions As To Why Obama Must Be Defeated?

US Supreme Court justices Kennedy, Scalia, and Ginsburg are all expected to retire soon, quite likely within the next four years. Given the nature of the Court this means that whoever is President over the next four years will likely be able to shape the nature of the SCOTUS for a generation!

Are there any questions left as to why Americans must do everything and anything in their power to ensure that Obama is not the to be in a position to do that? Does any American want another Warren Court?!?

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  1. Elaine Says:

    He is counting on that. He WANTS to control EVERY person in the Supreme Court. He is moving all the pieces around forming his Kingdom and tyranny over OUR Country; and Add this in with my statements below.

    I did think about it for quite a while…I think they wanted to move Newt out of the way because there is an “agenda” going on that he WOULD REFUSE to follow.

    The RNC KNOWS what Obama is about; therefore, they KNOW what Romney is about. That brings me to the conclusion that they want a base for the NWO that George Bush Sr. talked about; and/or WANT Muslims to be involved in our government BECAUSE that was one of Newt’s strongest talking points was banning Sharia Law; and thus banning the negative impact that Muslims in our Country are involved in.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Perhaps his handlers want that but I doubt that Obama really wants anything except to be remembered well. Really, I don’t think he thinks very far beyond himself.

    Of course I don’t really think that Romney’s much different…

  3. Elaine Says:

    I “just NOW’ came from a site discussing Romney. I stated the same things you did but not as powerful as you just did.
    I am not going to be too popular there…lotsa thumbs down and arguments to come into my inbox.

    Romney will NOT “un-do” any of the damage Obama has caused because it will also suit him in any of his endeavors. I am NOT looking forward to saying “I TOLD YOU SO, YOU IDIOTS!!!” but I do see it coming.
    And, they will argue…”wuh uh, we didn’t know.”
    And, I will come back with…when the RNC told Newt to suspend. Why didn’t you jump on the bandwagon with the rest of us raising hell! You just allowed them to hand you crumbs instead of the entire cake!

  4. Alan Scott Says:

    Romney’s best qualification to be President is that he is not Obama . His second is that he might win . I have no doubt that with Romney there will be buyer’s remorse. However, he still will be not Obama . Bitching about a wishy- washy President Romney will be a good problem to have . He is a competent economic manager, so business should pick up, and he will still be not Obama .

    The big thing with a President Romney is to make sure he never has a fully Democratic Congress because he is pliable . I do like candidate Romney . Going up against Newt and Rick has made him a vicious street fighter . Democrats are actually calling his adds lies. Well they are the experts .

    Exactly what is needed against an Illinois patronage boss .

  5. Truth Monger Says:

    Well one has to ask this question and it might as well be me!

    Why are the American people allowing themselves to be co-erced into accepting a candidate that has not yet been declared the nominee? Is it because the people have become so wishy washy themselves that they refuse to fight for a better candidate?
    Romney is not the best choice people! Romneycare….almost identical to obamacare. Romney being such a good , competent, economic manager is highly debate-able. The Winter Olympics in Utah was seen as one of the worst in Olympic history. His record as Governor wasn’t that great either!
    Romney will not be the best at debating Obama. Newt would tie Obama up in knots and leave him stuttering…I…uh!
    Romney doesn’t have the 1144 delegates all tied up. Only 900 or so are considered hard delegates the others are soft delegates. This means that those soft delegates can vote for someone else on the first ballot at the convention. If they do….Romney doesn’t get crowned! It will be a brokered convention. On the second ballot…all delegates are free to vote for whomever….thus leaving the nomination to a better candidate. My bet is on Newt being the nominee!
    And Hey…he’s definitely not Obama!! Nor Romney!

  6. Upaes Says:

    I am thrilled to hear that Newt still has a chance. I hate the way he has been shoved down our throats!
    I have been keeping close tabs on Romney and ended up with quite a list:
    He is referred to as Decent? Would you call anyone decent who lies about the Dream Act just to get votes?
    Yes, he states he is AGAINST the Dream Act while running an Ad in Spanish:


    As Romney states that a Marriage is between a many and a woman — He approves Gays Adopting Children (5/11/12)
    Romney also states he would have voted for the NDAA;
    Romney states “…only talk about re-distribution of wealth behind closed doors”;
    Romney states he is like Obama. George Soros and WH states Romney is like Obama.
    Romney committed a Federal Crime through wire fraud by wiring Millions of his $$ to the Cayman Islands as well as accepting foreign $$ for campaigns.
    Romney was part of the Medicare fraud;
    Romney’s Mormon religion — Founder, Joseph Smith says he wants to be the 2nd Mohamed.
    Video: Romney exploits American Business with Foreign $$;
    Romney “claimed” he created Thousands and thousands of jobs and refused to prove it;
    Romney states (I believe it was 2008) that he thought we needed Healthcare like Hezabola; and he had RomneyCARE
    Romney made the same mistake Cain did by stating, “Islam not inherently violent.”
    While Mormons teach against Alcohol, drugs, prostitution and gambling…they own a casino in Las Vegas
    Admits his only connection to GOP is he is a registered Repubican.
    Poll voting fraud only allowing him as President not giving the option to vote for who ‘We want”
    Romney announces he is for Marriage between a man and a women THEN supports of Gay couples adopting children (5/11/12)
    Poll sponsored and backed by George Soros;
    Romney: Mormons at one Point Declared War on the U.S.
    Romney supports the “morning after pill”;


  7. jonolan Says:


    Romney is our candidate. Any thought that there will be a brokered convention is a fantasy and a potentially harmful one since it just prolongs the disappointment and increases the likelihood that we won’t fight as hard as we must moving forward.

    Yes, Romney is weak, venal, and narcissistic – just as Obama is. The difference is that we’re the ones he has to mollify and pander to, whereas Obama must do so to America’s domestic enemies.

    Do you want a repeat of the Warren Court, especially in these times when more and more makes it past the lower courts because lawfare is the weapon of choice?

    We had our time to argue amongst ourselves but that time is over. Now the order must be Cuneum formate! Porro!

  8. Truth Monger Says:


    With all due respect to you….

    Romney has not been crowned with the nomination as of yet. There is a thing called a “Convention” to get through yet. Romney doesn’t have all the delegates tied up….there are soft delegates that can vote for anyone but Romney on the first ballot.

    Please tell me how you come to the conclusion that Romney has the nomination.

    I’d also like to know that if you think Romney is weak,venal and narcissistic just like Obama , why would he be any better to run the Country?

    I see how in the past 4 years Obama has pandered to the enemies, foreign and domestic…Romney won’t be any different in this area either. He will be swayed. If you think that he has to mollify and pander to you once he is in the WH……in my humble opinion…you will be sadly mistaken.

  9. jonolan Says:

    No, technically Romney isn’t the nominee until we go through the formality of the convention. He’s already got the delegates though and the fact that some can vote as they please isn’t going to change things any. The GOP, like it or not, isn’t that disorganized.

    C’mon! There hasn’t been a brokered GOP convention since 1948.

    As for Romney – I can’t be dissapointed because my expectations are very, very low. He will, however, be courting the Right not the Left and won’t be appointing Leftwing Activist judges to federal courts and the SCOTUS which, in itself, is reason to vote for him over the Obamanation.

  10. Upaces Says:

    Truth Monger, I have heard people whine…”wellll, “when” Romney is in…we can stay on him to make sure he does the right thing.”

    That is not reality. At one point,after Newt was FORCED to “suspend” his election campaign… I looked at him very seriously, hoping, that I could vote for him with a clear conscience. I will vote for him “IF” I absolutely have to…however, he WILL NOT DO ONE THING to un-do the damage taht Obama has done.

    The damage that Obama has done…Romney will continue driving us towards a NWO. What greatly disturbed me was when Romney stated: “Islam is NOT inherently violent.”

    That one statement sent chills down my spine. He will ALLOW them to infiltrate our Federal Government and it will “trickle down” … as it is doing now in various states.

    Romney, IF, he is elected will be smoother, and much more sneaky but everything WILL remain the same.

    “He is like Obama…I see little difference”….George Soros

  11. Alan Scott Says:

    Truth Monger,

    Look, nobody other than Romney is going to get the Republican nomination. In my perfect world it would be President Palin and Vice President Bachman. I have 3 choices. I can vote for Obama, I can not vote, or I can vote for Romney and complain. You have the same choices. It sounds like you want 4 more years of Obama.

    Kinda like W. He weren’t perfect but, could you imagine how screwed up the universe would be after Presidents Gore and Kerry? I am optimistic.

    Remember how star struck Liberals were with Obama? He had nowhere to go but down. Romney is coming in with Conservatives not in love with him. He knows that. As Jonolan said, Romney has to pander to us if he wants to be a 2 term President. He may surprise all of us.

  12. Truth Monger Says:

    Jonolan and Alan….

    I think both of you are jumping the gun, counting your chicks before they have hatched. Until the Convention actually declares Romney the nominee…it is still open to debate.

    I do not wish for Obama to get another 4 years to bring down America to her knees. On the contrary. What I am trying to get across to people is that it hasn’t been decided yet who is the nominee and to go around posting as if it a fact is being very short sighted. There are a couple of months to go and anything can happen.

    Romney doesn’t have all the delegates….there are still soft delegates making up the 1144. They can vote against Romney at the convention. Remember in 2008…Romney only needed 11 more votes to be the nominee….McCain surged from fourth to overtake him and was crowned the Nominee. It happened once…it can happen again!

    The last I have heard….Ron Paul is still on those Ballots as is Newt and actually any of the candidates with delegates can show up at the Convention and be voted on. Just because there hasn’t been a brokered convention since 1948 doesn’t mean there can’t be another.

    Romney isn’t going to pander much to Conservatives…he’ll pander to who and whatever will be good for Him…much like Obama does. If you believe that voters can hold his feet to the fire and make him tow the line….then you are not living in the real world. It is a fantasy. You have taken the bait that the media and the GOP fed you, hook , line and sinker.

    By all means…vote for Romney if and when he is the declared Nominee….I am not saying NOT to do so. Get Obama out! Just don’t complain when Romney doesn’t do anything different than Obama. You knew and the time to complain was before the convention and the election. I highly doubt that I will be surprised….he just doesn’t hold any promise to be amazing.

  13. Upaces Says:

    Truth Monger, Jonolan, & Allan:
    Romney even says he is “like Obama.” His son reports he is like Obama and he also likes Obama.

    I truly believe that people are so exhausted after fighting about Obama all this time…they have given up and will snap up anyone…even Romney..WITHOUT A FIGHT. The first poll out on Romney was designed and implemented by George Soros. We have had ROMNEY SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS…no matter who we want! Two days before Newt was told to “suspend” his election campaign; and they took his security team away…leaving Romney’s in place…RIGHT after his poll numbers came out:
    Poll – 10045 – Gingrich vs. Obama

    *Who would you vote for, Newt Gingrich or Barack Obama?*
    1. Newt Gingrich (82.9%)
    2. Barack Obama ( 10.7%)
    3. Neither ( 4.76%)
    Not Answered ( 1.45%)

    *Whom do you believe has better solutions for the nation’s economic
    1. Conservatives ( 83.7%)
    2. Liberal ( 6.89%)
    3. Neither ( 7.59%)
    Not Answered ( 1.77%)

    Now, we CAN give up or rather “GIVE IN” to the FIX; or we can fight it. The ONLY bad thing that can happen IF we fight it…we are forced to vote for Romney. “IF” we do fight it…WE CAN HAVE WHO WE WANT instead of allowing someone who was shoved down our throats at us…who stated “Islam is NOT inherently violent.”

    While Newt spoke out boldly that he will BAN SHARIA LAW IN OUR COUNTRY.

    Video: Newt Gingrich — Ban Sharia Law in the U.S. = full explanation

    Personally? IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE AT ALL, I want Newt in the Oval Office. AND THERE IS A CHANCE.

    Romney is Dangerous for the U.S., especially at this pivotal time in our history. Three of the caucus were fraud. Yet, NO ONE stepped forward AGAINST it. Why?

  14. tthan43 Says:

    I, for one, am praying for a brokered convention. Stranger things have happened in the world of politics. If Romney is indeed the final nominee, I will vote for him but I won’t like it. I have long analyzed these candidates and I have watched Obama and his miserable failed campaign platform promises…what a freak of nature. McCain was a Mr. Nice, Mr. Kind, Mr. Respectful, Mr. Considerate…look where that got him….butchered alive by Obama, the master of hidden agendas, lies, smoke and mirror Chicago-style politics of whom very little is known. Strange all of those vital records are under lock and key doesn’t it. Throwing another Mr. Respectful, kind, considerate Romney into the political octagon with Obama is going to end in a blood bath for Romney. Romney most assuredly does not possess the capability to beat Obama. The conservatives need a political ax murderer with a Vlad the Impaler persona. We need a candidate who is about as politically INCORRECT as is allowed by law. Gingrich is a walking data bank of historical facts and truths and he possesses a very long track record in govt. Gingrich possesses truth and facts and those are the only things that can defeat lies and hidden agendas. Gingrich was written off early on by the pious zealots and holier-than-thou sanctimonius group and the rumors perpetuated ad infinitum. If anyone would have bothered to look into it beyond merely taking rumors as fact, they would have learned his malfeasance was just that, left wing rumors. He was convicted of ONE act and that is b/c he pled guilty to it. It makes no difference…..whatever will be will be. I just hate to see Obama be given another shot at destroying this nation. He already seems to own all the branches of the govt. as it is. If Romney is the final nominee…..I sincerely believe that we will see another term of Obama. That ‘ain’t’ a good thing.

  15. Upaces Says:

    Jolan, you do believe that Obama wants to be remembered well? He is verrrry delusional. He is, by far, the WORST president we have ever had in OUR WH. Plus, have you known any other presidents that treated the Military with such disdain and hate?

    Have you known of any other presidents that take $ from Sr. Citizens and give it to the Muslims and the Illegals?

  16. Upaces Says:

    Romney Winning Our Future with Blood Money

  17. tthan43 Says:

    If Obama suddenly walked on water and healed the blind and raised the dead, he legacy will forever be one of a miserable traitor and quintessential failure in the annals of this nation. He is a pro-Muslim, pro-socialist to the core, he is a fraud, a liar and a thief. His agenda and his policies are taken straight from the playbook of the Nazi debacle and adopted from the Karl Marx texts of Saul Alinsky. He live with and was coached by Ayers et al and that is his narcissistic platform. If he thought for a second that he could sell his children into sexual slavery and advance his political agenda, he would do it in the blink of an eye. He is the only person I have ever heard of in the political history of this nation who is worse than Boss Tweed.

  18. Upaces Says:

    tth…, this discussion, more than likely, is moot. I WANT TO BE WRONG…but I still think Obama has NO intentions of leaving the WH NO MATTER WHAT HE HAS TO DO.

    Obama Speaking with Putin’s Man — Open Mic-I’ll Have More Flexibility after Next Election

  19. tthan43 Says:

    Romney is no more a street fighter than Twiggy. Recently, last week, I watched him at a rally, similar to the one by McCain in which they both verbally stated that they prefer not to answer the malicious diatribe of Obama. Romney is a repeat of McCain. We all know it and that is the very reason the public has not gotten behind him….we know that when he goes toe t toe with Obama, Obama will skin him alive, beat the snot out of him and kick his convulsing body off the political stage.

  20. Upaces Says:

    Alan, you made a HUGE ASSumption when you ASSumed we want Obama back in office.

    I WILL NOT defend myself to someone who hasn’t read all of the posts and just blips something off the top of his head.

  21. Upaces Says:

    I noticed you have an ad on here for Mitt Romney.

  22. Jeffrey Hardin Says:

    It never fails to amaze me when I read that now famous battle cry that the Mormon Gawd Romulus Rohm Rohmnius III is a better pick compared to Obama, that he is the better suited of the two, and the ones who make this claim are as watered down in their “Questionable” conservative beliefs than Olympia Snowe, McCain, Graham, Murkowski and the 100 or so other Rino & Elitist left leaning social Conservatives are, you are who you support, so try as you might, you cannot argue it off, you pamper your beliefs with outrageous claims to which you cannot possibly even begin to justify that Romulus will dig us out of this mess, when, when in fact his policies prove otherwise, do you understand that, he will continue the same, his policies are Obama’s and his Church of Latter Day Saints will rule the day, and don’t you dare tell me other wise, I’ll soak your asses in Mormonism 101, where in the world have you been closing yourself off to the world at? He’s a Liberal and you who support him are as well, and if you claim to be a Christian, you have proven to YHVH that you can set aside your principles and beliefs, your faith and allegiance to him, to go against all he has taught us, to support and vote for, a damn cultist, and by the love of righteousness, that’s what he most certainly is, and I dare you to post on this thread that YHVH has it all wrong, because again, I’ll soak you down in scripture as well. You are tolerating your Christianity to death, and the same can be said of your so called conservatism, and this once great Nation and those who know better will once again suffer for it and damn it, so will my family, welcome to the new Toleration Nation and shame the hell on you for it. If you were half as honest as you claim to be here, and just a smidgeon smarter, you would know it by the truth, but, it’s why we are where we are, because of sell outs who believe the lesser evils aren’t evils at all, just little annoyances…But let this sink into your water logged beliefs, evil is evil, and a combined evil has it’s place in hell, you remember that when you say Romulus is the lesser evil, only fools make such asinine claims!

  23. Upaces Says:

    Jeff, GREAT POST…and said everything I have been trying to say…you did it much better!!!

    What has happened to people? Why aren’t the asking hard questions? Why aren’t they confronting the fraud in the caucus(s). Why didn’t the Tea Party raise hell when Newt’s numbers were so high…and the RNC had him suspend his campaign while taking his security team away?
    The Tea Party and other sites on the net have a strong impact…everyone just rolls over and plays dead.

    Romney stated himself, “My only connection to GOP is I am a Registered Republican.” Didn’t anyone listen to him?

  24. Truth Monger Says:

    tthan43 and Jeffrey….

    Amen to you both! Well said!



    The people have become sheeple….following along to the slaughter! They realize that it’s not a wise choice to do so yet they don’t bleet loudly and try to get out of the situation they find themselves in. They have been led to believe that if they make too much of a ruckus, they will be treated like black sheep, seperated from the herd and the good Lord Forbid that they could get stuck with that label!

    They don’t listen, they don’t research, they don’t understand what they read! Just a bunch of brainwashed individuals, going to hades in a handbasket. They will get the Government they deserve…unfortunately…so will the rest of us who tried to tell them and turn them around from the inevitable slaughter.

  25. Upaces Says:

    It is extremely frustrating to see this happen. We both have been on blogs; and have you noticed this lately?
    When you (or I) take the time to upload a video where, for instance, Romney is speaking on…they don ‘t take the time to watch it. They don’t take time to find out if it is true or false.
    They just whine; make stupid remarks; woe is me; or like they are some hot shot…”I’d do this…or that.”

    They are NOT communicating at all. They remind me of a little ol’ lady gossip session where everything is talked AT but NOT about…no substance in the conversations. I’ll deliberately wait to “stop the comments” from coming into my inbox to see if what I uploaded is actually being paid attention to… AND IT IS NOT!
    This is NOT a fantasy land we can vote our way out of this time. Even though they KNOW who is running and part of what they are about…they come off as total cowards.

  26. Jeffrey Hardin Says:

    I have seen your post as well as others who have been pleading, prying open the the vault filled lies, proving with one post after another where this gutless wonder Romulus stands on each and every policy and issue and they end up in the same Liberal compose pile of failures, and by all that holds true, if you can’t smell it’s stench, see the flies swarming around it, or to hear the buzzing of their wings, then your as blind as sin is blind. Soros supports him, Clinton supports him, Hollywood is warming to him, and Rohm has been defending Obama. Now, here’s the easy part, if you have a candidate who claims to be a conservative, who is running against a very dangerous and very flawed presidency, and that candidate defends the very President he is running against, then you have to ask the first question to come to mind, WHY is he defending and even complementing a president who has wrecked and threatened this Nations security and economy, why would he do that? He is doing so to pick up Obama’s disenfranchised base, his Liberal base, why would he do that if he’s running on a Republican ticket? He didn’t defend Santorum, Paul or Newt, why? He is going after the Liberal base and the Independent and Libertarian votes, the same ones who rocketed Obama to a win. And when he gets into office, he’s going to throw off his republican clothing and he will become what he has always dreamed of being, and what his Church has been working for, legitimacy, and we Christians will suffer for it once again. Doubt me, then your not looking very good are you, it’s there on the surface for all to see…

  27. Upaces Says:

    Jeff, believe me, I know! Your post is great and you are 100% right AND COMPLETE. I can’t possibly add anything you might have left out…because you didn’t leave ANYTHING OUT!

  28. Ralph Says:

    There will be a brokered convention as Romney does not have the required amount of votes to sew it up. Newt will be there at the convention as he has said many times which will leave it wide open for the delegates to choose because Romney will not take it on the first ballot. Newt stands a better chance of winning in debates and the general election against obama. I do not see romney winning against Obama at all. If he does it will be a total surprise.


  29. Jeffrey Hardin Says:

    I’m sick of these tickling up my leg CNN Liberal Conservatives? I’ve seen how they attack your post, makes me proud to see it too, tells us it’s hit a sore spot, their weak mindedness? No True Christian would ever support a cultist and the ones who are, best start asking their savior if they are indeed going to be the camels who to try and walk through the eye of an needle? I was on Red State last night, as you know I am in a lot of pain of late, I made a few spelling mistakes and man did they leap on em too. That always tells me that they are 100% Liberals, and if they are so many of them on Red State, then you know as the Tea site was, are being turned over and ran by who else but Liberals. It also tells us just how desperately wounded our Conservative party is, we are literally in our death throes…
    Truth Monger, We may be the last of the last of a dying breed of Conservatives.When I watch hard core conservative friends of mine supporting Romulus, it breaks my heart, it puzzles and baffles me to no end.

  30. Truth Monger Says:


    Perhaps we are…but I’ll take my last breath as a true conservative, knowing I didn’t sell my soul for progressivism or the Liberal political correctness that seems to have infiltrated America.

    We are the keepers of the gate…unfortunately some of our so-called conservatives have fallen asleep while on the midnight watch!

    If I have to be the rabble-rouser to awaken them rudely then so be it!!


  31. Truth Monger Says:


    This is what I’ve been trying to get through to so many of the sheeple for Romney! Thank you for saying it again!!

  32. jonolan Says:

    That’s all quite “nice” and, if by some miracle, some of you are right about the convention, great. I don’t see it happening though. I’m too grounded in reality to have such hopes.

    And, despite how insulting and vitriolic some of you have become, I don’t really care – as long as you vote Romney in November.

    Don’t let the perfect (or somewhat better) become the enemy of the good, to borrow a line from our domestic enemies.

  33. Jeffrey Hardin Says:

    Truth Monger
    I look at my grand daughters and I can’t help to feel totally useless to them, that I’ve failed them…that makes me angry, and angry on so many levels. I have spent the past two years on this campaign alone trying to get the truth out, Upaces and Redneck Woman, yourself and millions of others are left in shell shock, that so many professed Conservative Christians are rallying behind a lie, a lie that has made it’s self known to them? We are to them miscreants, a thorn in the side, something they can take a pill for to be rid of us…As you have said here so well, I believe also that many will succumb to the evil they are indeed without doubt supporting when they back Rohm. All we can do now is shame them, and I will, better they find the harsh reality “truth” here than in hell and that is our purpose as Christians, but what they have here in Romulus is far more dangerous than Obama could ever be, Obama just paved a terrifying path for Rohm…
    Welcome to the “Highway to Hell!

  34. jonolan Says:


    You can spout whatever self-righteous drivel you want. To some extent I can even understand your doing so. I don’t really care and you can’t “shame” me.

    As long as you vote for Romney in November (under the very safe assumption that he gets the nomination), we don’t really have a problem. If, however, you go “write in,” third party, or stay home, then we have a problem because you will have proven that you don’t truly love America or your grand daughters and are no better than our more honest domestic enemies.

    BTW – I’m not even close to Christian, so I don’t share your sectarian prejudices or fears when it comes to the Mormons.

  35. Truth Monger Says:


    Wow! Really? You’re not a Christian? Huh?…I never would have known that….you’re avatar certainly doesn’t show that. No sirree….can’t say that it does.

    It isn’t fears or prejudices…though knowing you are against religion per se….I can fully understand how you would think that.

    No…it’s seeing reality due to an understandiing of religion which you seem to not fully comprehend.

    BTW…Jeffrey was not including you in the shaming part of his comment….if you had read what he said….I quote “many professed Conservative Christians ” Unquote….since you hold no belief in any Religious text then you are not the ones he is referring to.

  36. Elaine Says:

    Oooo, Jeff… I nooo. I am sick of the same kind of people who really do believe Romney is a Conservative! Where the hell they get that I will NEVER KNOW! He only admitted lately that he joined the Republican Party.
    He is a liberal. His religion is NOT what I am upset about. I could care less.
    He is far too much like Obama; and when Soros came out in Support of him; and had “his staff” behind the polls we first saw “BEFORE” the various activity of the Caucus…I knew then that they would be finding a way to shove him up our Asses…and down our throats. We aren’t GETTING a Choice. Then RNC made sure of that. THAT IS WHAT I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT…

    Truth Monger, It IS my greatest hope there will be a brokered convention or the is the REAL beginning to the end (after Obama) and sealing the fate of America because Romney will continue on with Obama’s agenda that has been laid out. Romney has NO INTENTIONS of Un-doing the damage Obama has created. He will simply build upon it.

  37. jonolan Says:

    Got it wrong in one, Truth Monger. I’m not one of the Godless either. I follow a much older path than Christianity, what you would call Paganism – though that’s a simplistic meta-description at best.

    As for any hope of a brokered convention – Keep dreaming that if that’s what you need to make it through the days and night. I’ll be shocked – possibly pleasantly – if it happens, but you have to, if you’re willing to face reality, accept that this isn’t likely to happen.

    Face it, if everything that people here have said is even close to true, it’s already decided anyway and we’re just going through the motions.

    Finally, here’s a little thought for you: If you were Soros and you wanted to keep your little hand puppet in office for another term, wouldn’t you make the same comments about is presumptive opponent?

    I’m NOT saying that this is the case but it’s something to think about given the evil intelligence that fuels Soros.

  38. Alan Scott Says:

    This has gotten frivolous. Do you guys not get that all other candidates have suspended their campaigns? The only thing they can bargain for is speaking spots on the graveyard shift. Romney will have all the power at the convention and he is not feeling generous to his former rivals because they were sore losers.

  39. jonolan Says:

    True, Alan. It’s beginning to sound a bit like the PUMAs in the wake of Obama being handed the Dem’s nomination in ’08.

    It’s sad really, but I can’t really blame them much and this is safe venue for their rancor and bitterness. After all, the best that could be said for Romney is that he’s an Establishment Republican, and that’s being generous.

    That’s going to rankle with Conservatives – though I doubt either the conservatism or the wisdom – one or the other, not both – of those who wanted Newt, a consummate professional politician with all the lack of values and Establishment ties that being such implies.

  40. Jeffrey Hardin Says:

    Self righteous is it, if the truth is self righteous than the more power to a secular self righteous society I say. Better than claiming to be something your not and your not a conservative, perhaps a fence sitting Independent or Libertarian at worst, you sound like the type that would go both ways instead of having the conviction of truth within you…You accuse me of being self righteous yet you sounded eerily oddly like a pompous self righteous Jono! When you get through swinging in your evolutionary tree deciding whether you’ll live for the lie or grasp onto the truth, then perhaps we might have a meaningful discussion…And for the record, there is only one way to the truth, and the Mormon isn’t that way!

  41. jonolan Says:

    You can wander off any time you want, Jeffrey. Nobody forced you to subject yourself to me. If you’re planning to stick around though, keep a civil tongue in your head, boy.

  42. Elaine Says:

    Jeff, I had to “unsubscribe” to Tea Party Org. I have never seen such “controlling” and down right negativity on any Tea Party site. It “seemed” as if the Moderator had his opinion and “EXPECTED” everyone to follow in his shoes. I tried to explain that the Tea Parties had a great deal of power and were abusing and/or allowing it to die on the vine!

    @ Truth Monger…Where has the Patriotism and strength gone from the Tea Party? They are following along like sheep to the slaughter whereas, before they were a beacon to follow!

    @ Alan…it is NOT about being a “sore” loser… when there is a battle or a contest….when BOTH have been given equal grounds during the fight. That is not the case here with Newt vs. Romney. Even before he campaign got into full gear, a “Soros-designed Poll” was sent out.
    This was the original blog post that I wrote right after the poll went out…It was a few days later called a “fraud poll”:
    If you are for Romney turn this around. What IF you were sent a Poll that was already “fixed” as Obama as the President, and there was nothing you could do to change it? You have more ethics than that. I know you are a Person of character and want everyone to vote for their conscience.
    It is a poll to vote for your dream team. ONLY, when I tried to “drag” New’t photo in the position where they had “Romney’s Photo” it wouldn’t allow me to replace Romney with Newt or anyone else for that matter. It would allow me to drag the photo to VP position. I immediately hit “return to the sender” with this in the subject line: “Do not shove Romney down our throats”. I then made this viral as well as uploading it on several web sites.
    When my friends then tried to “hit return” to send the same message to “who ever” made it impossible for us to “have a choice” of OUR OWN PRESIDENT….it finally came back “un-deliverable” because they shut us out!
    I then, went back to the site below. There was a comment section in the upper right hand corner, and we all typed in “DO NOT SHOVE ROMNEY DOWN OUR THROATS!”
    Come to find out….This was done by George Soros and friends. He is in bed with Soros….do you want another President on puppet strings? Soros has warrants out for him in several countries including Russia.

    Like, I said, you are an ethical person, and I know you DO NOT believe it is right to have our President Chosen FOR US.

  43. Elaine Says:

    Two days after the above poll came out, Newt’s poll numbers came out and it was VERY clear… Newt was easily the CHOICE of the Presidential Candidate. It was after this poll, Newt “suspended” his election.
    Poll – 10045 – Gingrich vs. Obama

    *Who would you vote for, Newt Gingrich or Barack Obama?*
    1. Newt Gingrich (82.9%)
    2. Barack Obama ( 10.7%)
    3. Neither ( 4.76%)
    Not Answered ( 1.45%)

    *Whom do you believe has better solutions for the nation’s economic
    1. Conservatives ( 83.7%)
    2. Liberal ( 6.89%)
    3. Neither ( 7.59%)
    Not Answered ( 1.77%)

  44. Elaine Says:

    Truth Monger! Great Post…and you are right. Whether people realize it or not…the “powers-that-be” are against the wishes of the People; and SOMEHOW we are going to have to let the Tea Party People know that being complacent at this time is dangerous for the entire country. We CANNOT have another Obama in office; and that IS exactly what Romney is!

  45. Truth Monger Says:


    Paganism has many gods…you may wish to call it a religion if it pleases you. Others do not see it in such a light. Mormons and Islamics see their beliefs as a religion also….and they have the full right to do so. Others…such as myself do not see it this way….I have that right also!

    There is also the right to free speech….you have not been personally threatened with harm to you.

    Personally I think that you are offended by others who have a very different outlook on things. If you run a blog you must be able to tolerate the different outlooks so that all may be free to speak their minds….whether it offends thee or not. I’m not saying that personal threats need to be tolerated.

    Also…I don’t give one whit whether anyone votes for Romney or doesn’t. I have just been trying to get across to you and Alan that the decision has not been made yet so don’t be jumping the gun and figuring it has. Farmers who count their chicks before they are hatched are usually disappointed with the outcome.



    I see you are one of those types who won’t or can’t figure out how to do their own research on candidates ( all of them!) to make an informed choice. It would probably be a great idea if you would do so.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens for the Convention…..good luck!

  46. Elaine Says:

    Just Remember, they said the same thing about Ronald Reagan…that he’d never make it…”un-electable.”

    I would rather hang on to the very end praying and hoping Newt will get back in and win.

    IF not? So be it.

    I still doubt, seriously, that Obama intends to leave the WH regardless.

  47. Alan Scott Says:


    “We CANNOT have another Obama in office; and that IS exactly what Romney is!”

    That is easily disproved. Romney is not ‘exactly ‘ like Barack Obama. Don Rickles made a joke about our President and is now called a racist.

    “I shouldn’t make fun of the blacks, President Obama is a personal friend of mine. He was over to the house yesterday, but the mop broke.”

    Romney can take a joke. You cannot tell an Obama joke with out being called a racist.

    I am kidding of course, but not much.

  48. Elaine Says:

    Well, Alan, I took the words of him being like Obama from Romney and George Soros. Why don’t you go argue with them.

    What I find highly disturbing is that People are allowing just any ol’ body to be shoved down their throats from the very beginning when campaigns started running.

    It seems there is a great deal of apathy. Sooo…. what happened to the crying foul (and yes, I mean as in SMELL)?

  49. Alan Scott Says:


    You forget that Romney defeated all other challengers in the Republican primaries. All of us had our favorites and were disappointed. I do not see apathy at all. Obamaites are committed to keeping Barry in the White House. The rest of us are just as desperate to get him out. Romney’s greatest talent is that he can win. I think bitching and complaining about President Romney will be much better than bitching and complaining about President Obama.

  50. Elane Says:

    Alan, since I didn’t know you would say that he Defeated people…he did NOT. I will be right back.

    Romney ISN’T wining because he is GREAT….He is winning because Obama is sooo bad.

    This list is taken from the title of articles and/or the content of the articles I have:

    He is referred to as Decent? Would you call anyone decent who lies about the Dream Act just to get votes?
    Yes, he states he is AGAINST the Dream Act while running an Ad in Spanish:


    As Romney states that a Marriage is between a many and a woman — He approves Gays Adopting Children (5/11/12)
    Romney also states he would have voted for the NDAA;
    Romney states “…only talk about re-distribution of wealth behind closed doors”;
    Romney states he is like Obama. George Soros and WH states Romney is like Obama.
    Romney committed a Federal Crime through wire fraud by wiring Millions of his $$ to the Cayman Islands as well as accepting foreign $$ for campaigns.
    Romney was part of the Medicare fraud;
    Romney’s Mormon religion — Founder, Joseph Smith says he wants to be the 2nd Mohamed.
    Video: Romney exploits American Business with Foreign $$;
    Romney “claimed” he created Thousands and thousands of jobs and refused to prove it;
    Romney states (I believe it was 2008) that he thought we needed Healthcare like Hezabola; and he had RomneyCARE
    Romney made the same mistake Cain did by stating, “Islam not inherently violent.”
    While Mormons teach against Alcohol, drugs, prostitution and gambling…they own a casino in Las Vegas
    Admits his only connection to GOP is he is a registered Repubican.
    Poll voting fraud only allowing him as President not giving the option to vote for who ‘We want”
    Romney announces he is for Marriage between a man and a women THEN supports of Gay couples adopting children (5/11/12)
    Poll sponsored and backed by George Soros;
    Romney: Mormons at one Point Declared War on the U.S.
    Romney supports the “morning after pill”;
    Romney on Gun Control: “NO Waiting time period for background checks for weapons.
    Romney attends Bildergerg 2012 Gathering (6/6/12)

  51. Elane Says:

    The Reality Check in Texas:
    He did NOT pick up the delegates:

    “Why is the RNC being so short-sighted?”
    Despite having been gov. in his own state, Paul received them.
    Massachusetts is fighting back!

    Romney Ahead by Voter Fraud & Voter Fraud Momentum
    Also in New Hampshire.
    Iowa and Nevada…..the fix is in.

    Romny a head by voter fraud and voter fraud momentum:

    Written on JANUARY 11, 2012 by V2A

    Video Proof Dead People Allowed to Vote in NH Primary

    GOP and Tea Party Ignores Voting Irregularities, and voter fraud in the Iowa Caucuses
    Jan 04, 2012 11:29 pm

  52. Elaine Says:

    “No one Can Record While It is Going On?”
    “Cell phones DID record the audio”

  53. Elaine Says:

    Alan, it is NOT a “talent” for him to win. Right now?
    Daffy Duck could beat Obama.

    This entire thing may very well be a waste of time because I do think that Obama “HAS NO INTENTION OF LEAVING THE WH.”
    And, I do WANT to be wrong.

    Obama Speaking with Putin’s Man — Open Mic-I’ll Have More Flexibility after Next Election

  54. Elaine Says:

    I have NO patience with these people who think we are getting a DEAL with Romney. I do know we do NOT want Obama…but Romney? Has the RNC been dropping acid?
    There are 940+ Executive Orders in 40 months signed by Obama. Does anyone think Romney will take the time to negate all of those orders? Nooo, he won’t. Those Executive Orders are filled with Agenda 21 issues. IF these are left in place….we are headed hard and fast towards NWO.
    and, Yet, these bozo(s) think I am out to lunch because I a arguing with them about Romney?

    People are so caught up on Just getting rid of Obama, they are NOT paying attention to what has been handed to us…and stand up against the RNC because Romney is NOT a Republican…he is a Rhino!
    What in hell were they thinking!!!

  55. Elaine Says:

    Do NOT, at this point ask me to choose between OBama and Romney…in the end, I will be forced to vote for Romney just to beat Obama.
    However, the fat lady hasn’t even tuned up yet to sing. I am hoping for a miracle with a brokered convention.

  56. Elaine Says:

    Obama has signed 940+ Executive Orders in less than 40 months with Agenda 21 included. Does anyone here think Romney will negate those? Or, will he choose to USE them to his advantage? Folks, with Romney in office, we are still headed towards NWO.
    while Newt was the ONLY one who spoke out loudly to ban Sharia Law,
    Romney came out in support of the Muslims in Our Country– with a PLAN for” Islamist Owned Charter Schools”! Again! We should be expecting them to assimilate into OUR Country NOT make Our Country Over for Them!

  57. Elaine Says:

    This just came in and this is why they want Romney. He will go along with this!

    “It is global socialism. It is world government… It is a trap!” -Phyllis Schlafly

    But at this very moment, a cabal of RINO’s and Democrats are scheming to sneak this measure through the United States Senate… a UN-style treaty that is actually designed to hand over US sovereignty to a Third World, United Nations front-organization on a silver platter.

    It sounds too strange to be true but they’re actually planning to voluntarily cede control of the oceans and seas to an international, America-hating, United Nations front-organization and force us to pay “GLOBAL TAXES” for the privilege of doing just about anything on the open seas… that is… IF and WHEN we’re ALLOWED by the America-haters of the world to do ANYTHING on the open seas.

    Of course, we’re talking about the insane Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and it must be stopped.

    In a nutshell, LOST is an “international agreement” that hands over control of the high seas and the ocean floor to an organization which calls itself the International Seabed Authority (ISA), a wholly owned subsidiary of the United Nations and the Third-World.

    Make no mistake, if this cabal of Democrats and globalist RINOs succeed and ratify LOST:

    LOST would instantly become a permanent part of United States law and America would immediately surrender control of the free oceans and seas to the International Seabed Authority (ISA)… a United Nations front organization.

    The ISA would have the sole power and authority to issue “permits” for fishing and drilling and mining operations at sea. In other words, if we wanted to drill for oil under the ocean, we’d have to crawl on our knees, tin cup in hand, and beg for permission from a gang of America-haters.

    And even U.S. fishermen would have to come to ISA, hat in hand, and plead for the right to cast their nets into waters that have previously been open to all fishermen.
    The greatest threat to our sovereignty (LOST) is back. Globalist stooges in the United States Senate, on both sides of the aisle, tried to sneak it past us under the cover of darkness and ram it down our throats in 2004 and 2007. Both times, patriotic GrassTopsUSA members, like you, helped expose this plot, beat it back… and with your help we’re going to do it again.

  58. Truth Monger Says:


    I would make a bet that if one were to make a joke about Romney’s religion of choice that that person would be called a intolerant bigot.

    see…it’s just the same thing but with a little different flavor. It’s still a means to shut people up…call them names, belittle them….the left does it all the time.

    Romney BTW doesn’t have a talent for winning…he has a talent to bamboozle the flock. He has the backing of his church which he can aquire the necessary funds to stay in the race. Perhaps even Soros and his puppet masters ( the Saudi’s) have given funds to him. This is why he doesn’t think Islam is a problem and it is so close to Mormonism as to hardly be different.

    I do hope and pray that I’m wrong but we’ll just have to see.

  59. Elaine Says:

    Romney will continue giving up our country to the Muslims…and that is EXACTLY WHAT WE DO NOT NEED:

    Romney came out in support of the Muslims in Our Country– with a PLAN for” Islamist Owned Charter Schools”! Again! We should be expecting them to assimilate into OUR Country NOT make Our Country Over for Them!

  60. Elaine Says:

    With Obama’s numbers right now? Daffy Duck could beat him; and I will still hold my opinion that he will NOT leave the Oval Office no matter what he has to do.

  61. Truth Monger Says:


    If he doesn’t leave then he will be dragged out, stood up in front of the Rose Garden wall, found guilty of Treason and face a military firing squad which has been set up just for him and every other President before him!

    Hope folks are prepared for the SHTF!! It won’t be pretty and it won’t be easy.

  62. Elaine Says:

    No…No, it won’t be pretty; however, WE have come to the time in Our History when WE MUST STAND UP… and it will be tough…however, the peace will come and WE WILL HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK! WE are talking in the relative “short-term” for us to begin our New Country… one that we will recognize. Our country now is no longer America!

    I just saw a great video…IF I wanted to save America…what it means to be America… how we teach our children and LIVE IT.

  63. Truth Monger Says:


    I watched that one! Great video! Thanks!

    BTW…’s a site all should look into…

    The Real 2012 Delegate Count for the Republican Primaries …
    The real 2012 delegate count, delegate count, ron paul delegates, how many delegates does ron paul have, mitt romney delegates, maine delegates, nevada delegates … – Cached

    Romney 1107 delegates Paul 245 delegates

    The mainstream media is simply not accurately covering the race for delegates in the Republican contest for President. In fact, if you watch network news you would believe that the Republican contest is over. It is not.

    At this site we are committed to covering the Republican race for delegates by explaining which candidates have committed delegates in which states. We do not “guess” on how many delegates candidates have. We track the results of state conventions where actual delegates are awarded and we report those results without bias or favor.

    This site is updated regularly to keep the most accurate count of delegates.

    Seems that all the candidates…Santorum, Gingrich. Paul and Romney are still acquiring delegates! Think they are only counting hard delegates or delegates that will be locked in for the first ballot! So….it’s still anyone’s ball game folks! Read it and weep!

  64. jonolan Says:

    Well, I see you children are STILL enjoying this post – or, at least, still patting each other on the back and trying your damnedest to reinforce your fantasies. Enjoy!

    Just remember to vote against Obama in November in a meaningful way, which means for the GOP’s nominee who will be Romney, though I won’t rule out Paul or Gingrich as a “required” VP choice for him.

    You see, despite some of your occasionally rude and unpleasant rantings, nobody here want’s Romney. We’re just grown up enough – or cynical enough, though I think of the two as the same – to realize that Romney already is the Nominee in all but name and the formalities are just that, useless formalities to appease the groundlings.

    BTW – If I’m wrong, great! I can’t work a model where the math says I’m likely to wrong though. That’s doubly true if even half of your complaints about Romney are based in fact instead of political rhetoric.

  65. Alan Scott Says:


    The more I listen to Democrats demonize Romney, and they are making him sound like a combination of Reagan-Bush-Satan, the more comfortable I am with him. I also believe that if Romney does not want to be a one termer like Carter and hopefully Obama, he had better not screw up too badly. I mean we can always primary him in 4 years if he reverts back to his Massachusetts ways.

    The main thing is to break this strangle hold the neo-marxists have on the executive branch and it’s regulatory fiefdoms.

  66. jonolan Says:

    ** Cue the chorus of “You can’t control him once he’s elected! **

    To some extent, Alan, those are my thoughts as well, though they’re weakened by my distrust of the Lamestream Media who’ve worked very hard to make Romney the GOP Nominee for reasons which are unlikely to be in America’s best interest.

    Frankly, I’m much more concerned about the House and Senate elections anyway. They can keep a POTUS in something close to his place, legislature-wise.

    I just DON’T want Obama having 4 more years to poison the SCOTUS and the federal courts as a whole.

  67. Elaine Says:

    This came in and I am sooo excited! It is from the Tea Party…seems Romney is NOT Mr. Good Guy They Thought. I’ll also be introducing an email I received this a.m. also of Newt’s endorsements. HE’S Baaack!!!

    From: Newt 2012
    Please find a special message from one of our advertisers, The Tea Party Patriots. Please note that the following message reflects the opinions and representations of our advertiser alone, and not necessarily the opinion or editorial positions of the Newt 2012 campaign.

    Dear Patriot,
    The elections this November are the most important elections in history, and Tea Party Patriots will continue to play a major role in organizing and mobilizing the grassroots.
    But in order to do that, we need to hear from you.
    Please click here to complete the “2012 Tea Party Election Year Survey” immediately. The survey is brief, but it is incredibly important to the success of Tea Party Patriots this November.
    This official survey will represent the voice of millions of Tea Partiers around the country. Please, do not underestimate the importance of this survey. Tea Party Patriots is the nation’s largest Tea Party group. Our sole purpose is to represent the Tea Party Movement as a whole.
    This is why I need to hear from you today. Please, click here to complete the “2012 Tea Party Patriots Election Year Survey”.
    Thank you in advance for all your help!

    Jenny Beth Martin
    Co-Founder and National Coordinator
    Tea Party Patriots, Inc. operates as a social welfare organization organized under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Tea Party Patriots, Inc. are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.
    Copyright © Tea Party Patriots, Inc. 2011
    Tea Party Patriots
    1025 Rose Creek Drive
    Ste 620-322
    Woodstock, GA 30189
    Support: 404-593-0877

  68. jonolan Says:

    Sorry, Elaine; this isn’t an appropriate forum for a list of Newt’s “endorsements.” Nor is it, in point of fact, a forum for campaigning as such.

  69. jonolan Says:

    Sorry, Elaine; this isn’t an appropriate forum for a list of Newt’s “endorsements.” Nor is it, in point of fact, a forum for campaigning as such.

    Frankly, what you’re doing is looking more and more like the sort of SEO manipulation that, when done by Liberals, I blacklist.

    That’s no so much a threat as an observation.

  70. Elaine Says:

    That’s okay….I just won’t come up here. I noticed you were RUNNING AN AD for Romney.

    I’ll just unsubscribe. Thank you for your openness who YOU are campaigning for.

  71. jonolan Says:

    Whether you stay or go is up to you. Don’t base it upon whatever ads you see though. They’re delivered automatically and I have no real control over what appears beyond general categories.

    Frankly, I don’t endorse ANY of the GOP’s possible candidates for this election. I really get the odd feeling that they ran the B team because NOBODY with a chance of doing so wants to clean up Obama’s mess.

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