RTO? Not Bloody Likely!

RTO? Not Bloody Likely!
RTO? Not Bloody Likely!

Periodically we’ve been hearing about a movement to Return To the Office now that the panicdemic – if not to some people’s minds the pandemic itself – is over. For most of a year now we’ve been hearing about it and that is likely to increase in frequency, desperation, and stridency in 2023. But, quite frankly, I don’t see it happening for the most part or across many industries that actually moved to remote work due to COVID-19.

But, simply and statistically put, the majority of workers who can work remotely want to continue to do so forever. Hence, it’s not bloody likely that RTO will gain much traction in the foreseeable future.

I’m Not Even Going To Try Getting My Work Clothes Back

And besides, the wise amongst us have already repurposed our investmentwearthe clothes we purchased and maintained for fiduciary purposes – for other purposes that brought us better, more immediate, and more long-lasting benefits. 😉

I mean, honestly, I haven’t worm my old businesswear in years and I’m not going to try to get them back from my women at this point.

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