Biden’s Pay-To-Slay Aid

Biden's Pay-To-Slay Aid
Biden’s Pay-To-Slay Aid

So, Biden – the Dems’ Anti-Semite-in-Chief, has unsurprisingly decided to flout the law in order to resume paying the Palestinians to murder Jews in Israel. He and/or his handlers have decided to willfully break the law, specifically the Taylor Force Act (H.R.1164) which outlaws any monetary aid being sent to the Palestinians until they cease and desist paying terrorists to murder Jews.

The Biden administration recently announced that it would restore hundreds of millions of dollars in American aid to Palestinians, despite the law expressly forbidding their doing so. Another $75 million would be allocated for economic development programs in the West Bank and Gaza. And all of this without any requirements for the Palestinians to cease formally supporting terrorists in their ongoing attacks of the Jewish people of Israel.

So, at this point, the Democrats’ government – specifically Biden and any who aid and abet him – are now state sponsors of terrorism and genocide.

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