The Left Likes This

Terry “Terrible” Tate aka Lester Speight is a washed-up ex-NFL linebacker who made some commercials for Reebok based on his violent character. The commercials did very poorly on-air, but were popular internet downloads from the Reebok website.

Terry Tate is back in the limelight again. He’s made not one but two new videos wherein he assaults Gov. Sarah Palin while she is talking to Katie Couric.

The Left like this filth:

Terry Tate: Reading Is Fundemental

…And this filth:

Terry Tate: From Russia With Love

This racist, misogynist filth was published on Oct 16th, 2008. I waited until today – the 23rd – to post about it because I wanted to first see what the reactions to the videos would be. Those reactions turned out to be quite disheartening – but on hindsight, not in the least bit unexpected.

The Left thinks it’s hilariously funny to watch a giant Black man assault and smash a White woman to the ground and then berate her as she lays there wounded. In their twisted minds Black-on-White interracial violence is funny. To them it’s only racist when the subject is White-on-Black violence. Apparently they also think that any and all assaults on women are funny. The Left’s treatment of both Sen. Hillary Clinton and Gov. Sarah Palin make the assertion very clear and apparent.

Neither CBS nor Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign have denounced Terry Tate’s vileness. Both Obama and his media surrogates have failed to report on it at all. I sincerely doubt the situation would be the same if it was a series of videos showing Sen. Obama being assaulted by a large White man.

The elections are only a few days away. Please think about this. When you cast your vote for President, you are not just electing a President; you are voting in agreement with that candidate’s supporters. Are the people who think these videos are funny the ones you want to empower?

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