Recovering IRS Emails

At least someone, Texas’ Katrina Pierson in this case, has figured out a way to both possibly recover the Lois Lerner’s emails which Obama’s IRS criminally destroyed and make some use out of the heretofore useless traitor, Edward Snowden.

True, it most likely would not get the American people the incriminating evidence that Lerner’s bosses – and their boss – destroyed rather than submit to the subpoena for it. But it would probably be enough to get Obama to assassinate Snowden, so it’s really a no-lose proposition.ร‚ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Stopping The leaks

I’m very much not a Fan of Edward Snowden and hope, probably in vain, that he’s assassinated by government but there’s an ironic truth to this.

Snowden v. Obama
If We Want To Keep Our Nation’s Secrets a Secret…

It does seem that they only thing the Obama Regime can keep a secret is anything to do with Obama’s past.

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