Form And Function

Shark Brain & Woman's Reproductive System
Shark’s Brain Compared To Woman’s Reproductive System

Does function follow form or does form follow function? Either way, much is explained at long last. 😆

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The sea should always be respected and never taken for granted, even for a moment. Both wonders and perils lurk upon and beneath her waves and maneaters abound seeking easy prey.

Dangerous sea creatures - the sharks can be bad too
The Ocean Is Filled With Beauty And Danger

Oh yeah! Watch out for the sharks too, especially some of the larger varieties of hammerheads, since they can be dangerous as well if provoked. 😆

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Krill, Baby, Krill

It’s not my normal practice to lampoon the words and/or actions of those few people trying their damnedest to stave off the dissolution of America and to protect its beleaguered economy from further rape by America’s domestic enemies, nor is it in my nature to use their words as a basis for puns. Some things, however, are just too good to pass up.

A diver feeds to a whale shark
Krill, Baby, Krill

A bit of humor, even a pun, is good though, lest we take ourselves, rather than our cause, too seriously. And besides, how often does anyone get the chance to see a whale shark being hand fed?

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