That Awkward Moment...
Awkward, So Very, Very Awkward

Honestly people, let that sink in for a moment. As it looks right now, Kim Jong Un is more willing – far more willing seemingly – to negotiate with President Trump than any of the Democrats. Kim Jong Un at least actually accepts the fact that Trump is President of the United States of America.

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Who Wore It Best?

Who Wore It Best?
Who Wore It Best?

That Iconic outfit. Who wore it best – North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Fiction’s Dr. Evil, or Hillary Clinton?

Now normally I wouldn’t bother posting this even as a joke. Fashion sense is hardly a decent metric for determining a person’s qualification for political office. However, just like all political candidates, Hillary’s wardrobe is part of her marketing and is made up of deliberate choices intended to identify and iconify her brand. Hence, her trend to choose variations of this particular outfit does have some significance and does raise some serious questions about her and her followers.

Again, whatever Clinton wears is a deliberate, controlled choice meant to project the image she and her campaign think will resonate with her likely voters. What does it say that she chooses an outfit most associated with dictators and would-be dictators?

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Behind The Times

The current malformed and misborn yellow ape reigning in North Korea, Kim Jong Un screeched and hollered that he would destroy America. Obama’s response to this was to laugh…

North Korea is a backward nation that is woefully behid the times
Kim Jong Un Is Behind The Times

That’s the biggest problem with North Korea; they’re a backward nation filled with substandard hominids and ruled over by a waste of some ape’s sperm that is better suited to being turned under the soil as fertilizer than as anything allowed to look a human in they eye, much less speak to one.

Kim Jong Un and North Korea are really behind the times and are threatening to do what the Campaigner-in-Chief has already moved forward with undue alacrity. 😆

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