Easter Bunnies!

The Easter Bunnies have come, not just to town, but to Reflections From A Murky Pond as well.

Easter Bunnies!

ROFLMAO And what should one do when encountering an Easter Bunny? Why, hunt for the eggs of course. Easter is, after all, a time to celebrate burgeoning fertility.

Oh, and for any Christians who might be offended by this article, feeling it to be both too irreverent and sacrilegious, I must respond that every single one of the trappings of Easter celebrations, even the holiday’s name, was stolen from European paganism, in this case the Vernal Equinox celebration of Ostara or Eostre.

Christians should, in my rarely humble opinion, eschew the Easter Bunny in favor of the Paschal Lamb.

Now, time to find an Easter Bunny and paint some eggs. 😉

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2 Responses to “Easter Bunnies!”

  1. Buffet Says:

    An infinitely preferable alternate to the chocolate ones for individuals such as myself with both a disdain for chocolate and a prodigious libido!
    Hmmm……where to start…where to start??

  2. jonolan Says:

    Thanks, although a bit of chocolate is good at Easter too. You’ve just got to find a better grade of it than seems to be common and popular these days.

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