The Less Than 1%

The slacker rabble of the Occupy Wall Street mobs want people to believe to believe that they represent the 99% against the 1% in a classic case of class warfare. – or, at least some of them do; many are just protesters venting their hatred for America.

This may or may not be a lie and is likely to be inaccurate in any case. That being said, they are representative of a large number of parasites or cancerous societal growths within the body of our nation.

In the lamestream media’s biased eyes these occupations are the masses vs. the financial elite. What about the truly rarefied ethical and patriot “elite” though? What about what seems to be the Less Than 1%?

The Less Than 1%
Sadly, A Member Of The Far Less Than 1%

If we had a lot more people like the young person in the image above, America wouldn’t have ever reached the economic nadir that it has.

America doesn’t seem to have a lot like this person. Personal responsibility and even the most basic work ethic has given way to the entitlement society, in which people think that everyone else owes them something irrespective of of any evidence of their being worth anything.


NOTE: This person described in this image would be a statistical anomaly for a variety of reasons beyond their anomalous levels of integrity and self-reliance. Certain sorts even claim – amid a great deal of generalized venting and lingering emotional issues – the described circumstances to be impossible.

Be that all as it may, it is not the specifics of this described student’s situation that is important. It is the attitude it portrays that matters.

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5 Responses to “The Less Than 1%”

  1. cmblake6 Says:

    This one is awesome, my friend. Scarily, it is too true.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes it is – all too true.

    I can’t and won’t dispute that the person depicted is an anomaly, as most growing up in America’s “educational” system just could get such a scholar. Yet, what is even more of an oddity is the person’s attitude.

    Once, that uprightness and self-reliance was the American norm. Now it’s a memory that our nation’s domestic enemies want to “revision” into something evil.

  3. Alan Scott Says:


    You are absolutely right. OWS do not represent much of the college graduates who can’t find work. These are a minority, even amongst angry youth. Most kids are too busy surviving, to do this crap. Most could not afford to be an OWS protester. Who is paying the every day bills of these clowns? Their parents?

    I would kick my kid’s butt if she ever turned smelly hippie.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Are you sure, Alan? It seems to me that far too many of our youth have succumbed to the Liberals’ neo-Socialist agenda. They may not be willing to actually do anything – action requiring responsibility, something they’ve been indoctrinated against – but they support the OWS ilk.

    As far as children go – If my kids turned into that sort of filth, I’d kill them right then and there for the sake of the country. Then I’d get a vasectomy since it might be genetic failure on my part.

  5. Alan Scott Says:


    Even during Vietnam only a vocal minority protested. I know a lot of people in that age group and do not know anyone who even personally knows anyone who is protesting. I wish I had reliable numbers for those camping out. After our Halloween snow storm in the East, I’d love to know how many are braving the cold, particularly since they have accomplished nothing so far.

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