PSD Saves Obama’s Life

The Liberals and the minority tenants made a big deal of wringing their hands and ranting in fear of some American – who they are sure will happen to be White – will kill off their boy, Obama. They’ve obviously never studied crime statistics or they’d know that most killings are done by people the victim knows…

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Fortunately for Obama and his followers, the Secret Service agents assigned as Obama’s, Personal Security Detachment (PSD) will literally throw themselves in harm’s way to protect Obama, even from his own stupidity or the landmines laid by the First Lady. :-P

Interestingly though, their was some discussion about this within the Secret Services’ ranks and some concern about racial sensitivities and cultural differences. Simply put, they were concerned that Michelle, being Black, might want Barack to say that her butt looked big.

The final consensus was that Obama was a guy and a husband and, irrespective of race, would give the wrong answer and that the PSD needed to intervene in these dangerous situations. :lol:

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