Perception Is Everything

Perception Is EverythingPerception Is Everything

Yep! These ever-so-angry and ever-so-prideful Liberals and Progressives think a lot about themselves because they’re “resisting” President Trump. What they’re too deluded and self-absorbed to understand is that they’ve woefully and rather comically failed at marketing their message.

In the algorithm of infonomics, perception is everything and Americans, when we see or hear these Liberals and Progressives complaining, ranting, screaming, and protesting, we don’t perceive them and what they’re as what they perceive themselves to be doing.

There is, however some danger in this. While the vast majority of these deranged individuals are mostly harmless crybabies – crybullies at most – some number of them are dangerous. Americans should never let even well-deserved disrespect cloud their judgement and threat assessments.

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