If People Were Like Vegans

If People Were Like Vegans
If People Were Like Vegans…

That’s a funny truth! If people were like Vegans, we’d have a plethora of fake vegetable products akin to Beyond Salad. Of course, if people were like Vegans, we’d also probably have already “cancelled” them. πŸ˜‰

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They Won't Shut Up

Vegans - They Won't Shut Up... Ever
Vegans – They Won’t Shut Up… Ever

Well, if the Vegan in question was honest or just past the point of dissembling, that’d be about how it’d go. πŸ˜† Because Vegans sure as Hell’s waiting won’t shut up… ever!

Vegans – note: not necessarily vegetarians – are so most often for “moral” reasons and their faith seems to demand that they accost normal people and forcibly proselytize at them, presumably in an attempt to castigate and punish normal people for not being Vegans. They won’t, as I found out some time ago, even shut up when you’ve knocked a fair number of their teeth out.

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Dear Vegans

Dear Vegans
Dear Vegans, Even Plan ts Think You’re Wrong

Yes! Dear Vegans, even plants – at least some of them – think you’re wrong. And again, dear Vegans, eat what you want or what makes you feel holier, but keep your faith to yourself if you don’t want to be lampooned. πŸ˜‰

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Beyond Fake Meat

Beyond Fake Meat
Beyond Fake Meat

It’s looking like the days of fake meat may well be coming to an end. The Liberal/Progressive Eco-Fascists’, Climatards’, and Food Nazi’s dream of normalizing – and, of course, later mandating – plant-based “meat” products seems to be failing hard, wrecked upon the rocks of basic economics.

Beyond Meat is cutting its workforce by a 19% – approximately 200 employees – in a desperate move to slash eight figures’ worth of spending from its operation in order to survive it’s revenue collapse, which is now projected to be down by as much as $120 million (9-14%) from a year ago.

This failure is about as surprising as politician either lying or finding a way to “tax” more of your money. It’s simple economics. Fake meat is just too expensive; the only ones buying are the privileged coastal elites. And, even for them, it’s more about virtue signalling and supporting a Left-wing cause than wanting to eat the stuff. Certainly all attempts to mainstream fake meat have failed, with only 54% of people even trying vegetable-based meat alternative offerings at more blue-collar restaurants.

It’s really quite simple. It’s basic, almost remedial, economics. Any product that only appeals to a small number of potential customers and is necessarily priced above the pain point for the majority of people is doomed to either failure or being restricted to a small, niche offering.

And, given that the same Liberal and Progressive coastal elites that made a market for fake meat did so as a moralistic attack on normal people and as a way of entrenching their Warmist ideology, very few will miss this industry at all.

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If Veggies Are So Good

If Veggies Are So Good, Why Does Vegan Food Suck So Bad
If Veggies Are So Good

A generation or more long question that Vegans refuse to answer – if veggies are so go good, why do they keep trying to make them taste and look like meat and why does Vegan food taste so horrible?

It makes no objective sense. It’s not like there’s not a plethora of damn fine, damn tasty and satisfying vegetarian foods available around the world. So why does Vegan food – and I mean specifically Vegan Food – so often turn out to be poor and disgusting mockeries of normal, omnivore cuisine. It seems to me the answer – never provided by the Vegans themselves – would be important for the bulk of society to know.

NOTE: I, myself consume on average just under 16 oz of red meat a week (far less in Summer, a bit more in Winter), just over that in poultry and seafood, and much more than that in well-prepared vegetables. So, I’m hardly a knee-jerk carnivore. πŸ˜›

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