The Best Veggie Burger

The Best Veggie Burger Ever!

Sadly, the above ad is fake. I would have adored it if it was an actual whimsical – or mocking if you’re of the flat-toothed dietary persuasion – but, alas and alack, neither the advertisement nor Crompton’s Beef Farm are real.

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Vegan Issues

Vegan Issues – They’re More Than Just Screeds

Remember, the are other issues with dating a vegan than the ever-so-expected moralizing screeds and low-to-mid grade, constant anger at the world. The sad fact that they refuse to ingest “animal products” acts a limiter on certain popular entertainments. 😉

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Fish Is Rape

Meat Is Murder; Fish Is Rape; Vegetables Are Large Scale Fraud
Fish Is Rape!

As ridiculous as it is to scream, “Fish is rape!” it makes almost as much sense as what the ever-annoying and self-righteous vegans rant, scream, jabber, and whine on an almost daily basis. 😉

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Feeding The Hordes

The FLOTUS, Michelle Obama and her husband’s FDA have decide that the long-serving Food Guide Pyramid was just too damn difficult for her husband’s constituency to understand. Hence, they replaced it with a plate divided into sections with very simplistic labels.

Choose My Plate
So…What’s a Potato? Or Spinach?

Normally I would ignore the politically correct sop thrown to the vegans by using “protein” as opposed to “meat, fish, and eggs,” but it’s part of the problem with this new program. Four general classes of food and a nutrient?

You want to make it understandable? Then pick a freaking metric and stick with it, you valueless idiots! Mixing them for sake of the votes of a few strident fringe dwellers will just cause harm.

And where are the fats and oils? Is everyone expected to go on a raw foods diets or don’t cooking methods and saucing matter anymore?

How about strawberry cheesecake? Since sweets aren’t mentioned at all, does that imply that it shouldn’t be eaten or is it one fruit and one dairy?

For the Obamas and those toadies and donors they’ve appointment to the federal government’s bureaucracy it’s gets even worse. Their core constituency and the only one left solidly behind them, the Obama Zombies, need a slightly different diet in order to stay vigorous and, hence, need a different Food Guide… 😛

Zombie Food Pyramid
OooooobaaAAAmmaaa! We’re Entitled To Their Brains

Sadly the shambling, yet still dangerous, hordes of zombies that support Obama aren’t quite as teachable as the average flatworm. No matter how many Americans’ brains they devour, they still won’t learn anything.

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