A Catch-22 SNAFU

Private SNAFUThere is, quite rightfully, a lot of kerfuffle over the Obama Regime’s new military budget which cuts the military to pre-WW2 strength levels. This is a logical and pragmatic fear-based outraged. The world is largely not our friend and a weakened military is not Americans’ ally at all.

On the other hand, this is not the gutting of our defensive strength that it is proclaimed to be. We’re talking about just under a 20& reduction in force over the next 5 years if nothing changes. Hence, the complaint are largely, though by no means entirely, unfounded and spurious.

No, what we have here is the ever-repeating Catch-22 SNAFU. The situation is normal, all fucked up, because it’s normal for circular logic and self-conflicting rules within the civilian political bureaucracy to interfere with the efficient operation of the military. Irrespective of political party affiliation it’s a rarity for any politician to have our nation’s defense as a priority when it comes time for the US Military appropriations budget.

Additionally, reductions in force and realignment of assets is also normal as the priorities and threats shift. As the Obama Regime has: no interest in returning to Iraq; has abandoned Afghanistan; and has no intention of projecting military force to protect or expand American interests abroad, this had to be expected.

It’s really pointless, given the nature of the problem, to argue against these defense cuts on the basis of national security. It, however, is wise to argue against them on the grounds of economics and the horrendous impact they will have upon employment. Financially the proposed cuts by the Obama Regime are historic.  The 2011 defense budget represented 4.7% of America’s GDP; this year’s total will be 2.7%.  In other words US defense spending is set to plummet from $705.6 billion in 2011 to $496 billion, a 30% drop.

So there will be approximately $209 billion less spent upon the military which will in turn mean that defense contractors will be able to earn that much less. This will necessarily cost thousands upon thousands of jobs across the country.

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McConnell Speaks Sooth

In a speech that went largely unheard due to the lamestream media’s refusal to defy the Obama Regime, US Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell spoke sooth and laid out the harsh truth of America’s largest political problem.

Back in November, the American people sent a divided government to Washington.

I know this is not the outcome President Obama had hoped for.

I know he wanted complete control of Washington, just like he had the first two years of his presidency.

Still, it was surprising to me and I think to a lot of other people around here to learn over the weekend that among the first calls the President made after his acceptance speech on Election Day had to do with ginning up another campaign.

The President wasn’t focused on solving the problems that middle-class families face today, but how to get a Democratic Speaker of the House two years down the road. That was the message he sent to top House Democrats.

Since then, the President, along with his Washington Democrat allies, has expended enormous amounts of energy to advance that goal – rebooting his political organization, provoking manufactured crises with Congress, engineering show votes in the Senate, and traveling around the country to campaign relentlessly against his opponents.

That’s why the Sequester went into effect in its current form.

That’s why Washington continues to careen needlessly from crisis to crisis.

Those are the harsh truths of the matter and it’s almost heartening to hear someone like McConnell bring them into the light in so straightforward a manner. Only almost though, speaking the truth does little if few or none listen and/or few or none are willing to act upon those truths in the manner that they need to be acted upon.

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The Sequester Triptych

The Sequester Triptych – Obama In Three Parts

Presented for Americans’ amusement and stress relief – The Sequester Triptych – a three-part visual study of Obama’s Sequester “crisis.”

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Obama’s Multi-Tool

So, due to Obama and the Democrats total and willful refusal to negotiate a means around the sequester, we’re saddled with it. Don’t be too concerned though. Obama has the tools at his disposal to handle this “crisis” that Americans outside of the Beltway are facing.

Sequester Army Knife
Obama’s Multi-Tool – Fit For All His Uses

And his favorite – and only – tool is perfect for the job. Blame is perfect for “dealing” with the Sequester because the Sequester is a fraud committed by Obama and the Liberals for no purpose other than to be able to cast blame upon Congressional Republicans in the hopes of altering the outcomes of future elections.

The National Review provides us with a succinct and apt explanation of this fraud by the grifters of the Obama Regime:

In the tortured argot of Washington, “sequestration” connotes “a reduction in government spending.” It is thus an exquisite weasel word, the kind that fraud-construction thrives on. Of course, the disease sequestration is meant to treat is only too real — our metastasizing cancer of debt. But the political class that lives today’s high life on tomorrow’s stolen prosperity naturally prefers the illusion of action to the pain that must accompany any real, surgical remedy. So it peddles placebos that have the ring of earnestness and effectiveness: “cuts,” “balanced approach,” and the like.

On examination, these words are seen for the nonsense that they are. In Washington a “cut” is not what your family does when it becomes over-extended — a spending slash, a commitment to live within one’s means. It is a nominal decrease in the rate at which government plans, despite our straits, to increase spending. So a “cut” lards debt on debt . . . just not quite as quickly.

Andrew McCarthy

Don’t be mistaken in your predictions though. There will be an immediate loss of services that are perceived as necessary. Obama and his handlers and overseers will make absolutely sure of that, using whatever means than can decide are within the purview of the Executive to do so.

Manufacturing a fraudulent crisis isn’t really enough anymore in an age where information is more readily available to the masses than ever before. Obama and his ilk have to ensure that there is real pain felt before their “blamecasting” can have any real effect.

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