Reciprocal Rights

Obama NooseObama’s favorite boy, Eric Holder stated bluntly that he, as the US Attorney General, maintains that Obama has the right to murder any American he sees fit to murder, even on American soil, whenever he sees fit to do so and to use armed drones to commit that murder if he chooses use them to do so.

As long as these thugs-in-suits understand that Equal Protection means that these are reciprocal rights and that they and their families are subject to them as well, I find that I’m not too adverse to accepting that Obama has the right to kill at will and without oversight.

Of course, Holder claims that Obama would only exercise this right in the most dire extreminity…so we’re all safe and there’s no reason for us to defend ourselves. 😉

America’s government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth – but tyrants, those of the blood of tyrants, and those who support them may very well do so.

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10 Responses to “Reciprocal Rights”

  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    I am surprised that there was not a substantial amount of outrage over this. The New America, where the Gimme-Americans have the majority, does not seem much to care.

  2. jonolan Says:

    How could they be outraged when they, for the most part, know nothing about it due to the lamestream media only covering enough and in such a manner as to cause people to believe that the complaints are only “Republican racism?”

    Obama’s slave media doesn’t bother to report that the ACLU and other quite Leftwing groups are in “lockstep” with the conservative elements of the GOP in this matter.

  3. Alan Scott Says:

    I’m sure that if a Republican ever takes back the White House, Democrats will come out of the woodwork agreeing that a President should not have this power. Not that they are hypocrites. They will also become the greatest of deficit hawks.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Of course, Alan. They have no fear or Obama but have always been terrified of actual American Presidents with power. It’s because these idiots forget that power, once assumed, is almost never relinquished willingly and that Obama would only murder Americans, not Liberals.

    As for them suddenly becoming deficit hawks – I don’t see it as they’ve never been such. They will, however, complain about what the money is spent upon. Suddenly, arming foreign nations and the Muslim Brotherhood will be wrong, wrong, wrong.

  5. Alan Scott Says:

    Vali Nasr who worked under the late Richard Holbrooke, is coming out with a book about how President Obama operates. Obama’s foreign policy is unduly influenced by his political advisors. No real surprise there, just confirmation from an insider of what anyone with half a brain could figure out by paying attention to this administration.

  6. jonolan Says:

    The book should be interesting but I disagree that Obama’s foreign policy is unduly influenced by his advisors.

    Obama has no experience and less ability in the subject and, if anything, is not influenced enough by his advisors in foreign policy – and most other aspects of the job that he has but has no competence at.

    IMHO the problem is not the level of influence influence so much as the choice of the advisors themselves compounded by the fact that the boy is too insecure, irresponsible, and petulant to accept contradiction.

    One need only look at how many of the General Staff have been terminated when they disagreed with White House policy under the Obama Regime to the truth of that.

  7. Alan Scott Says:


    From what I read about the book, all important foreign policy decisions have to filter through the political cabal, who have no expertise in that field. The professionals are chafing about not having direct influence with the President. That is the way he set it up so it is all on him.

    It’s a poor way to run a country, but with America filled with low information voters it is a good way to get yourself reelected.

    Pino has a video posted where they asked young people on the street a false question about the sequester. The sheer stupidity of these folks, who obviously did not vote for Romney, is off the charts.

  8. jonolan Says:


    I can’t and won’t dispute that. I will, however, state that I think that Obama trying to do it himself would be even worse. In other words, I have a huge problem with the specifics and the people being the filter, but not with keeping Obama out of as many decisions as is possible.

    The boy’s not qualified to shine shoes or fetch me a drink, must less run anything, cosmically much less run a country – except for Kenya, Chad, or the Sudan and I’m not even sure about those.

  9. Alan Scott Says:


    From what I’ve heard, a position Barry might be qualified for recently opened up south of the border. Applications should be addressed to Caracas.

  10. jonolan Says:

    Hehe…That might be good for everyone. When, not if, the boy failed there, they’d string him. his hoe, and her crotch-droppings that she says are his up.

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