Carla’s Christmas Pin-Up

As I love pin-ups and have collected and shared what may be the largest, most varied, and possibly most definitive collection of pin-ups currently on the web, I’m not letting Christmas go by without sharing one more.


Happy Christmas From Carla Brown
(Click to Enlarge)

And yes my friends, associates, and any random readers that may have wandered into Reflections From A Murky Pond, the holiday wish from Ms. Carla Brown would be “Happy Christmas,” not “Merry Christmas.” Ms. Brown is British and that’s how they do things. 😛

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Vintage Pin-Ups

And now for a brief interlude of vintage pin-ups to take our minds off of the serious issues of the modern world.

Wilma & Betty Rocking The Pliocene

Hey! I said vintage pin-ups. I never said what vintage. Besides, Wilma and Betty were rocking it in their jagged hemmed fur mini-dresses through the whole series and you know it. 😉

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Domestic Bliss (NSFW)

Domestic bliss and/or a happy home life – Easy to fantasize about but oft times harder achieve. It helps though if one remembers that home is where the hearth is and that there’s a blurred line between the sensual pleasures of the kitchen and those of the bedroom. 🙂

Domestic Bliss Is More Than “Barefoot In The Kitchen”

Please note though, this is only part of the joy. Desirable women in general and erotica in specific should not be constrained to the “traditional” domestic settings. There are, after all, so many other options nowadays.

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