Principal’s Office

OK, there’s no real doubt that Gov. Perry’s recent campaign commercial was needlessly hyperbolic. He was only wrong in the extremity of the situation though.

I Said Christmas
Which One Do You Think Will Be Suspended?

Given the levels of political correctness now demanded of the majority of students and the lawfare and paper terrorism engaged in by the Godless over any public expression of religiosity, the rather funny cartoon may well be prophetic.

‘Tis no skin off my nose though. I’m Pagan. Now, when they figure out that Blessed or Merry Yuletide are religious sayings as well, then we’ll have issues. 😆

If you think I’m raving, I remind you that a North Carolina grade school recently suspended a none year-old for sexual harassment because someone overheard him tell another student that a teacher was cute. When that can happen, anything can.

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