Surrendering Respect

New York's Governor, David PatersonIt seems that the unelected, embattled, racist who currently fouls the New York State Executive Mansion in Albany, NY, David Paterson has an image problem. People keep referring to him by his first name instead of showing the “proper obeisance” and calling him by the unearned title of “Governor.”

It seems that, no matter what venue he is in, people keep referring to him as, “David,” though many quickly “correct” themselves afterward. Many just do not view Mr. Paterson as an especially elevated or intimidating figure.

This is something that bothers the political operatives that the DNC has provided to Paterson.

Being called David can undercut that improvement, and undermine his perceived authority. “I rarely hear the word governor. I always hear David,” said George Arzt, a campaign strategist who advises Democratic candidates in New York. “On the one hand, it’s charming, in a campaign sort of way, that he’s one of the people. On the other hand, it shows he’s not feared.”

What is important in Arzt’s lament is the use of “fear” instead of “respect.” Paterson’s campaign strategists have surrendered any thought of- or desire for the wildly unpopular Paterson to be respected by the people of New York; they’re wishing for him to be feared instead.

A man worthy of being called such desires respect, both for himself and for those things he supports.  A thug, deserving and having no respect for itself or its own agenda, desires to be feared.

It’s also a risky strategy. Americans aren’t cowards and have a tendency to rightfully “remove” things that cause them or their families fear. Paterson is blind; he’d never see the bullet. 😉

Yet – the misbegotten mockery of mankind, Paterson, aside – isn’t such an attitude as George Arzt’s both indicative and typical of the attitude of the new misborn breed of Liberal that has usurped control of the Democrat party both in New York and across our beleaguered nation?

To govern a people requires mutual respect. But Americans have already seen that this new breed of Liberal – Statists who advance a diseased, anti-American, mongrel hybridization of Socialism and Italian Fascism – have little or no interest in governance; they desire to rule.

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A Wealthy Vagina

Caroline Kennedy would like to be appointed to fill Sen. Hillary Clinton’s soon to be vacant US Senate seat. The daughter and only surviving child of Pres. John F. Kennedy has set aside her famously private ways, which she had maintained since her father’s assassination in 1963, and has now expressed a strong desire to serve in the US Senate.

This formerly private scion of the Kennedy dynasty has gained some significant support.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is reported to have urged New York Gov. David Paterson to appoint Caroline Kennedy to the Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton. Sen. Reid is said to believe in Caroline Kennedy’s qualifications to serve as a US Senator.

Just what qualifications is Senator Reid thinking of?

According to Gov. Patterson, Caroline Kennedy Paterson is a strong potential candidate whose appointment would keep a woman in the seat and whose personal connections would allow her to raise the roughly $70 million required to hold the seat in the coming years.

So, since Mrs. Kennedy’s previous endeavors have been largely outside the political arena – with the exception of the Barack Obama campaign – and since she has no legislative or executive experience, it seems that her real qualifications are her genitalia and her access to wealth.

Isn’t this exactly the same sort of gynocentric sexism and pandering that the Feminists and the rest of the Liberals so vehemently accused Sen. McCain and the GOP of committing during the 2008 elections with the nomination of Gov. Sarah Palin as their Vice-Presidential candidate? With Mrs. Kennedy having no track record for supporting or advancing what are normally considered women’s issues, and with her having by far and away less experience than the much maligned Gov. Palin, the thinking American would expect to hear hue and cry from the various significant feminist groups and PACs.

The thinking American who expected such outrage from the Feminists would apparently be wrong.

Despite the National Organization for Women (NOW) and the Feminist Majority having previously jointly endorsed Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)  to take Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, both groups have been very close to silent on the topic of Caroline Kennedy being given that seat. They do not act as if they are particularly bothered by Maloney, a woman with well over 23 years of experience as a legislator, being possibly sidelined in favor of another woman with little experience beyond that of a NYC socialite.

Given their silence, if Gov. Palin continues in the political limelight will these feminist organizations still malign her as a politician and a woman? Given these feminist groups’ silence on Kennedy, will anyone still listen to them if do continue to insult and denigrate Gov. Palin in the future?

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