No Merit In ObamaCare

There is little or no merit in ObamaCare, President Obama’s and his Liberals government takeover of the health insurance insurance in name of Health Insurance Reconstruction. If there was any merit in it, it could be argued for under those merits and this is apparently not the case.

While President Obama may have praised the Senate on December 21,2009, for bribing enough Senators to just win a 60-40 vote for cloture on his health insurance plan in the dead of night and “standing up to the special interests who’ve prevented reform for decades and who are furiously lobbying against it now,” others on the Left have a wildly different opinion of what Sen. Reid did and why.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan and gave a wildly different account of Reid’s actions in response to Ratigan’s expectedly softball questioning.

Leahy’s response was so unusual that it, at first read, beggared the minds of any and all rational men except for possibly the most discerning.

Senator Leahy actually blamed the Republicans for Senator Majority Leader Reid’s need to use American tax dollars to bribe Democrat Senators to vote for cloture on ObamaCare!

Are there cases where senators said, I got to have some cover, I’ve got to have something for my state as cover for voting for this because of the attacks of the Republicans? Sure, and if the Republicans are concerned about that tell them to stop the attacks on those people, you wouldn’t be needing that kind of cover.

— Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
MSNBC’s Morning Meeting via PoliJAM

To quote President Obama, “Let me be clear,” if there was any merit in the current ObamaCare legislation there wouldn’t be any need for Senators to need “cover” for voting in favor of it. It would stand up under its own merits to scrutiny by those Senators’ constituency.

If these Senators need such “cover” – i.e., bribes in the form American tax dollars – in order to politically survive voting for ObamaCare then the legislation in question has no merit that can be argued in the eyes of the citizens they have been elected to represent.

It’s that simple. There is, as it stands now, no merit in ObamaCare.

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