Obama To Gut SSI

Emperor Obama wearing laurel wreathAmerica’s Campaigner-in-Chief, Obama, thinks that gutting Social Security is a good thing but wants to push the GOP into being the ones that do it. Or, at least, that’s what he was jabbering in New Hampshire as part of his ever-rolling 2012 reelection campaign.

Specifically, he demanded that the payroll tax-cuts he got through Congress earlier this year be extended past their agreed upon duration.

Hell, the boy even demanded that they be increased even further – all at the cost of Social Security which gets its funding from those payroll taxes.

During a speech Tuesday at a Manchester high school, the president was to argue that a failure to extend the tax breaks would hurt middle-class families already struggling amid a shaky economy, effectively daring congressional Republicans to block a measure and thus increase taxes.

“If we don’t act, taxes will go up for every single American, starting next year. And I’m not about to let that happen,” Obama said Monday, previewing the message he was expected to deliver.

The expiring payroll tax cuts came at a total cost of approximately $120 billion and not only does Obama want to increase that drain on Social Security’s already bleeding coffers, he wants to further cut the payroll tax by another 1% for workers, at a total cost of $179 billion, and cut the employer share of the tax in half as well for most companies, which carries a $69 billion price tag.

Given the ages and other demographics of the TEA Party, I’m sure that gutting Social Security to buy votes was an easy choice for Obama to make. It might even be punitive action.

The estimated to loss to Social Security from Obama’s transparent attempt to buy votes in 2012 would be $368 billion. This is a loss that it is doubtful that SSI can absorb.

Social Security expenditures exceeded the program’s non-interest income in 2010 for the first time since 1983. The $49 billion deficit last year (excluding interest income) and $46 billion projected deficit in 2011 are in large part due to the weakened economy and to downward income adjustments that correct for excess payroll tax revenue credited to the trust funds in earlier years. This deficit is expected to shrink to about $20 billion for years 2012-2014 as the economy strengthens. After 2014, cash deficits are expected to grow rapidly as the number of beneficiaries continues to grow at a substantially faster rate than the number of covered workers.

There’s little or no doubt that Social Security is doomed. It was never designed to deal with America’s growing population and it’s trust fund was stolen by the federal government for their own uses decades ago. That doesn’t in any way make it right for Obama to try to gut it and to maneuver others into taking the blame for doing so.

If the boy wants to finally write off Social Security as a loss, fine. Let him own up to that and take responsibility for this one single thing during his misbegotten life and tenure as POTUS.

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Obama’s Union Army

I suppose that it should come as no surprise that President Obama’s Stimulus Plan, the first of his attempts at a new Reconstruction of America would utilize the Union Army to further his agenda. Of course, this time it won’t be the Blue Bellies and it’s not just the South being ground under a POTUS’ jackboots.  Obama’s Union Army is made up of the federally subsidized labor Unions – aka Soviets.

Just as the Union enacted a punitive regime in the South, so too has President Obama enacted a punitive regime across all of America. That is the Hope and Change he threatened.

It seems that New Hampshire won’t be receiving very much from Obama and his Liberals’ “Stimulus” plan.  This is because funds for construction projects from this abomination and act of Generational Theft can only be distributed to union projects. Free and freedom-loving Americans need not apply.

The Administration’s decision to discriminate against successful and independent construction firms simply because New Hampshire employees choose to work in a union-free workplace and not bow down to the demands of big labor is extremely unfair to our state.  The request for bids issued by the Department of Labor requires that contractors employ a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) and requests they provide proof of completion of three prior PLA projects.  However, under these conditions there is not a single firm in our State that would be eligible to bid on this multimillion dollar construction project.  In a time of economic hardship, it is simply absurd to discriminate against local contractors and construction workers for the benefit of national labor unions.

Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH)

To educate the masses, a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) is is when the government awards contracts for public construction projects exclusively and solely to unionized firms. A Project Labor Agreement (PLA) mandates that all contractors, whether or not they are unionized, to subjugate themselves and their employees to unionization in order to work on a government-funded construction project. This is done by including a union collective bargaining agreement in a public construction project’s bid specifications. In order to receive a contract, a contractor must sign the agreement and submit itself and its employees to union control.

Worse but not surprisingly, President Obama and his Liberals aren’t satisfied with “merely” requiring that only workers’ soviets get Stimulus funds; they are mandating that any company or contractor must have a history of submission by mandating that these American companies must have proof of having knuckled under to the unions at least three (3) times in the past.

Since only 8.7% of New Hampshire’s construction workforce has voluntarily surrendered their right to work, this means that essentially no New Hampshire building firm can bid on any of the Stimulus-funded construction projects.

Hope an Change? Yeah; hope for Obama’s soviet army, and change as expressed by a 2nd Reconstruction of America – this time into something recognizably foreign, failed, and evil.

Of course, historically only approximately 15% of construction trades workers in all of America were union members or working under union-coerced contracts.  Since there are approximately 9.6 million construction trades workers in the US, 1.9 million of which are self-employed,  only 1.44 million – likely none of the self-employed – could benefit from the Stimulus-funded projects.

This explains why so little of Obama and his Liberals’ Stimulus monies have been spent to date.  They have to wait until the “negotiators” from the various unions / soviets can convince Americans to enlist. It takes time – and possibly a carefully managed increase in unemployment rates – in order to coerce Americans to surrender their values and freedoms in order to feed, cloth, and house their children.


Obama’s Union Army – if you’re an American construction trades worker, contractor, or employer, you’ll see them coming to a job site near you…to take projects and wages that could have fed American families.

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