Not Quite Omniscient

Christians believe that their God is omnipotent and omniscient, both all-powerful and all-knowing. I’m sure that faith gives them both great comfort and great trepidation and various disparate times during their lives – comfort when they desire Divine help and trepidation when they recount their various misdeeds. 😉 Sadly, their faith is based on a false premise. While it is possible that their God is omnipotent, He is not quite omniscient.

There are – at a minimum – three things the Christians’ God does not know:

  1. How many congregations of religious women there really are;
  2. How much money the Franciscans actually have stashed away;
  3. What the Jesuits are truly thinking.

Of course, after having studied under Jesuits, I think it’s asking too much, even of a God, to know what they’re really thinking. 😆

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  1. J.D.F Says:

    I missed this one! 🙂 Needed the smile.

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