Atheists Hate This Book

The Mystery of Life’s Origin: Reassessing Current Theories

The Atheists really hate this book because it scientifically approaches Intelligent Design and the statistical improbability of evolution of cellular life by random chance. This is especially true of Eugenie Scott, PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins, and their ilk, who are theologically invested in a Godless universe.

But why do these Atheists hate the work of the authors: Charles B. Thaxton, Walter L. BradleyRoger L. Olsen so much? They hate and despise their work, The Mystery of Life’s Origin: Reassessing Current Theories, because in it these three scientists show the inherent  implausibility of life spontaneously arising from non-life. Atheists like Scott, Meyer, and Dawkins are far more comfortable attacking religions and religious beliefs than they are defending their pet theories and postulates against scientific inquiry.

This book offers an excellent scientific analysis of important data related to the theory of evolution. It is – or should be – a seminal work for the theory of intelligent design since it scientifically critiques the Atheists’ prevailing paradigmatic theories of chemical evolution. It doesn’t so much criticize Darwinism as it does criticize the very underpinning of the initial evolution of life on Earth, something that is a prerequisite for the Darwinian mechanism of evolution to happen.

The volume as a whole is devastating to a relaxed acceptance of current theories of abiogenesis. It is well written, and, though technical, much of the book is within the reach of the informed non-scientist. The book apparently has been well received by many who are working in the field of abiogenesis, such as Dean Kenyon and Robert Shapiro.

James F. Jekel
Dept. of Epidemiology & Public Health
Yale University School of Medicine

Be forewarned though; the authors are distinguished scientists holding advanced degrees in chemistry, materials science, and geochemistry and the book, while very important and quite interesting, is not an easy read by any stretch of the imagination and truly requires a firm grounding in chemistry to fully appreciate.

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6 Responses to “Atheists Hate This Book”

  1. J.D.F. Says:

    I personally have little faith in Intelligent Design. Even more so it’s cousin Creationism. The Theory of Evolution is an evolving theory, much like any other theory, but there is strong evidence it is the most likely answer to our origins, and to the dismay of many who actually have studied it, does not dismiss nor necessarily advocate a creator. I, myself, am a spiritual person and believe in evolution. However, this book may be interesting and I will put it on the Yule list.

    BTW: Hope you are doing well! 🙂

  2. jonolan Says:

    Read the book. It may make you think twice about how likely random chance is as an answer to our origins – though not our development, which Darwin’s theory – stripped of the Atheists’ latter embellishments – seems to address quite nicely as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Personal Failure Says:

    I don’t hate the book. Anything labeled “atheists hate this!” generally only inspires amusement or mild disgust. Hate is such a strong word.

    (psst- PZ Myers, not PZ Meyer)

  4. jonolan Says:

    Thanks for the spelling correction. It was early when I wrote the post and I was insufficiently caffeinated. 😉

    Trust me though, if you’re an atheist and you don’t hate the book – assuming you’ve read it or attempted to do so – then you’re quite different in outlook from those like Scott, Myers, and Dawkins, who’ve all ranted against it at one time or another.

    I’ve noticed over the years that a large swath of the Atheists hate scientific critiques of evolution and abiogenesis just as much as the fundamental Christians hate religious critiques of creationism.

  5. J.D.F. Says:

    Whenever our beliefs are challenged, no matter how valid or how false, it is easy to get in a twist over it. Extremism in all its forms is bad, in my opinion.

    And Jonolan, for the very reason of offering another view point and the challenge it presents to my own beliefs, I will definitely like to read it at some point.

  6. ichabod Says:

    Hi Jonolan;

    I appreciate your post. I always had a problem with that part of evolution. As with anything, there is truth and the other and for us, we will never know for sure.

    One thing which surprised me, was the firmament in heavens that Genesis mentioned. It was only in the last year I discovered that space was not empty, but filled with a plasma like substance.

    So much to learn, so little time 🙂

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