Trump’s Ham-Handed Policy

Trump's Ham-Handed Policy works better than 60+ years of nuance
President Trump’s Ham-Handed Foreign Policy

While Wolverton’s cartoon is just another of his Leftwing insults to our President, there is some accuracy to this particular imagery. President Trump’s foreign policy is bold, brash, and quite ham-handed in comparison to the status quo that came into being after the end of WW2.

But 60+ years of that status quo has achieved very little. Indeed, the only great strides made in the realm of geopolitics were the result of what were at the time declared be ham-handed actions and policies, e.g., President Reagan’s handling the USSR which helped in their resultant fall.

So, ham-handed? Certainly by what has become traditional standards. But President Trump’s foreign policy has already seen positive results despite best efforts of the Democrats and their propaganda corps.

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That Awkward Moment...
Awkward, So Very, Very Awkward

Honestly people, let that sink in for a moment. As it looks right now, Kim Jong Un is more willing – far more willing seemingly – to negotiate with President Trump than any of the Democrats. Kim Jong Un at least actually accepts the fact that Trump is President of the United States of America.

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Many of those living within America’s borders sincerely want Obama to negotiate with America’s enemies, especially with the Muslim vermin in Iran. This is stupidity based upon a combination of cowardice and hatred for America on their part.

Negotiating would not be playing to Obama’s strengths…

Obama the Negotiator
Obama The Negotiator

I mean let’s be real and well-grounded in reality. When has Obama ever shown any strength in or talent for negotiating with anybody?

I’m not real sure if the boy has any strengths beyond reading his lines from the teleprompter with style and panache but, if he has any strengths, negotiating sure as Hell isn’t one of them. 😉

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