If I Only Had A … That Thing

If I Only Had A, You Know? That Thing?!
If I Only Had A, You Know? That Thing?!

It’s truly sad that the meme above resonates so well. Biden does resemble what The Wizard of Oz’s Scarecrow would have been like after aging into senile dementia. What’s even sadder is the Dems, instead of letting Ole’ Uncle Joe potter around his basement in peace and with a modicum of dignity, choosing to trot him out to try to strip the Presidency from Donald Trump.

Don’t get me wrong; it is funny and worthy of sarcastic ridicule. But it’s also sad that our domestic enemies care so little about Biden’s health and dignity. Then, they consider “old people” to be a “problem” these days. so this shouldn’t be unexpected.

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ObamaCare Line – 3

Assuming that ObamaCare is passed into law in America, people may in the future be calling the ObamaCare Line as the first step in receiving medical treatment. Here’s what such a phone call might sound like:

The ObamaCare Line – Not Much For Gerontology

Well, as over-the-top and hyperbolic as this video by Concerned Women For America is, all government mandated and administered healthcare plans end up making age-based triage decisions. It probably won’t be a blatant as this video though; they’ll do it via the physicians’ reimbursement schedules instead.

But, since people tend to become less Liberal as they age and gain wisdom, the hold music would probably be a better triage mechanism since it would drive them away. 😉

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