It Has A Familiar Look

A photo by George Roelofson of WTHN showing a long line of Connecticut residents waiting to register their guns and ammunition to avoid the state from declaring their legally purchased property illegal contraband has gone viral and is rightly sending chills down the backs of some gun owners.

CT Gun & Ammo Registration Line
It Has A Familiar Look

The unhappy shades of Weimar Germany seems to be haunting Connecticut, warning any and all who can remember that sad period in history of just what such registrations can lead to. Given America’s current economic straits, which also bear some resemblance to the Weimar Republic, and the current Regime’s vilification of certain propertied classes and groups, such warnings may well be such as to be heeded by the wise.

Yep, We’ve Seen Queues Like That Before

History has already given us a stark lesson in how one sort of government mandated queue can easily lead another, worse sort. First it’s the registration and restriction of citizens’ firearms; later it’s possibly the registration of “undesirable” citizens.

Police Beating
The Consequence Of Unchecked Authority

Even if one chooses to deny that “it could happen in America,” it’s very hard to deny that a disarmed and cowed citizenry consolidates power in the form of force in the hands of the State and its enforcers. We certainly don’t need to run afoul of Godwin to warn of where that can lead. US and world history as well as both domestic and international news and currents events should be enough to make it clear that the police, when left unchecked, are as dangerous to society as the criminals they are meant to deal with.

So yes! There’s plenty of reason for Roelofson’s photo to both “go viral” and to strike a chord of fear and worry in the hearts and minds of freedom-loving Americans.

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Crime Of Fashion

Andrew DespresAmerica’s latest and, to-date, least celebrated political prison is Andrew Despres who is charged with a crime of fashion. The former Eagle Scout was for trespassing and wearing a fake ammunition belt on the grounds of Fitchburg State University and was held on the exorbitant bail of $50K for a week before his bail was finally reduced to $500 and he was finally released into his parents’ custody.

Make no mistake, Andrew Despres was a political prisoner, or, as I think it is better describe the situation as, a prisoner of war, held in duress by America’s domestic enemies for the “crime” of violating their sensibilities. He entered the Fitchburg State University campus mere days after the Sandy Hook Massacre wearing a belt made of fake ammunition.

Should He Have Been Arrested?

The question of whether or not Despres should have been arrested in the first place is much more complex and open to debate. At the time of  this young American’s arrest he had been expelled from Fitchburg State University for the possibly at this point charges of allegedly possessing marijuana, knives and firecrackers on school grounds. He was required to notify the school in advance if he planned to enter campus grounds. Hence, his arrest is not, in and of itself a violation of basic American, i.e., human, ethics and  morality.

The actual issue is at hand is the police’s and Massachusetts’ Attorney General office’s choice to pursue the ammunition charges against this young American and the resultant punitive bail figure of $50K.

Despres’ Real Crime

Mr. Depres’ real “crime” wasn’t trespassing, though that is illegal in this case and a basis for his arrest on a misdemeanor charge, nor was it his wearing of a belt made of fake ammunition. His crime was violating the sensibilities of the Liberals and Progressives who have infiltrated and destroyed America’s educational system.

Nothing violates the sensibilities of the gun-grabbing Leftist domestic enemies of America more than a White man with anything resembling, no matter how vaguely, a firearm or ammunition. Depres’ wearing of such a violation mere days  the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting sealed his fate. There was no chance that the Liberals and Progressives wouldn’t make a political statement by arresting him and holding him on a punitive bond to insure that he spent time behind bars.

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