Roadside Chivalry In 2023

Roadside Chivalry In 2023
Roadside Chivalry In 2023 And Beyond

ROFLMAO That about sums up roadside chivalry in 2023 – and beyond if Americans don’t force a course correction. But, what’s truly sad is this is actually an improvement, because most of the Millennial and Gen Z bois can’t change a tire right now. So, genderfucked and tranny sorts being able and willing to do so is actually better. 🙄

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Ladies First!

Gentlemen, we have loose-lipped traitors among us who’ve chosen to publish male mysteries that were best left unsaid. Our secrets have been compromised and posted on the internet for women to see. This cannot be a good thing and reprisals are most definitely in order.

Ladies First - OK, who told?

That being said, I’ve always found the best and most lasting results arise when right behavior and enlightened self-interest intersect. There’s not one the fine ladies depicted below who I wouldn’t cede precedence to and allow to go before me. She would, in all likelihood, enjoy the courtesy and I would certainly enjoy the view.

Ladies First, Always and Forever

So all I can say, Gentlemen, is that we should just carry on as if this whistleblower had never outed us to ladies. Who knows? It may even benefit some of us, since some women who previously disliked such “atavistic” chivalry, believing it part of “patriarchal” behavior, might accept more easily it as a act of appreciation of their bottoms.

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