Chelsea's Safe Childhood

Chelsea's Safe Childhood
Chelsea’s Safe Childhood Was Assured

A lot can be said against ole’ Bill Clinton’s sexual proclivities, but his daughter, Chelsea always was assured of a safe childhood. Hell! From the start, she looked just like her mother, whose looks and demeanor probably had a lot to do with Bill’s proclivities.

Also, by way of honesty, there’s exactly zero evidence that Bill liked prepubescent girls. All eight women that Epstein brought to the Clinton White House could, at least, pass for adult women. Similarly, all of his rape victims – Hey! #BelieveAllWomen, remember? – have been at least nominally adult. Chelsea was going to be safe even if she didn’t look just like Hillary. 😉

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Please Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why
Please Tell Me Why

I’m kidding of course. We all know exactly why the Lamestream media hounds Invanka Trump about her father’s supposed views on women while never asking Chelsea about her serial rapist father and his accomplice, her mother. It is simply that the Lamestream media is nothing but a leftwing propaganda outlet in servitude to the Democrat party.

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Chelsea Defends Her Dad

Do You Blame Him?Chelsea Defends Her Dad’s Infidelity

In all fairness, Chelsea Clinton has a point about Bill’s rampant and profligate infidelity. Indeed! I think we should give Mr. Clinton more credit than we do. He did sire one child on Hillary, after all, and I could argue that fulfilled his oath in and of itself.

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