Please, Be Foolish

Please, Be Foolish!

C’mon, Ladies! On this day, April Fools Day, if no other, be foolish. Have some fun and don’t take things, especially yourself, too seriously.

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April's Fool

Presenting April’s Fool

Presenting April’s Fool – Creepy Uncle Joe “Bad Hands” Biden, by means fair or foul, installed as the 46th POTUS. Oh, who am I kidding? Biden’s a senile, dementia-ridden fool 365 days a year.

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April Fools

Ah…April 1st. It’s April Fools Day, when bad jokes, pranks, and general foolishness are celebrated.

Obama Fools Day
Obama Fools Day

Yet, in these days change must be enacted upon everything, even fun holidays that trace their antecedents back through the millennia to ancient Rome.

So from now on April Fools Day will be known as Obama Supporters Day.

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