Now That’s A Hoot!

The Angry Face of the Feminist - Not that their vaginas are worth anythingIn what would be little more than another pathetic and laughable exercise in any other state but California the National Organization of Women (NOW) has filed legal complaints against Hooters because the restaurant has high chairs and a children’s menu.

Is it just another hysterical fit by the feminazis or a concerted effort to misuse the American legal system in an act of paper terrorism?

NOW and similar cabals of stridently screaming, embittered Feminists have hated Hooters since the company was formed and have periodically tried various methods of harassment in an attempt to close them down. This latest ploy isn’t really that much of a shock.

After all, their “issues” with Hooters and the young women who make a good living working there are quite apparent to any with eyes to see.

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One has to expect that a bunch of females that are unable to get or keep a man – assuming some fraction of NOW’s roster aren’t dykes – would be envious of any women who actually could and hateful towards any company that provided them with exposure.

The Beautiful Babes Of Hooters – Annoying Feminists Since 1983

In any other state but California this would be just another pathetic example of the utter failure of feminists. In California, however, things are handled differently than in America, so NOW’s paper terrorism may well cause problems for Hooters. This is, after all, the region that banned McDonald’s Happy Meals!

How They’re Doing This

What has happened is that, in more litigious areas such as California, Hooters has had to incorporate as an “adult entertainment” venue so that they could avoid having to hire male and/or ugly female servers. Classing the wait staff as “entertainers” allowed them to circumvent multiple lawsuits for employment discrimination – lawsuits that most likely trace their roots back to NOW or some other coterie of Feminists.

  • Sexual Discrimination – Yep, some dude wanted to be a Hooters Girls. Was he queer or a shill for the Feministas?
  • Weight Discrimination – Yeah, because a fat broad in skimpy, overly tight clothing is such a good way to sell mediocre fried chicken wings

Once the servers as classed as entertainers these malicious and frivolous lawsuits are impossible. Entertainers can be hired based upon just about any criteria that the “producer” wishes, as casting Will Smith as the lead in Wild Wild West clearly shows.

The dykes and harridans of NOW are capitalizing upon this and claiming that, as an “adult entertainment” establishment, it is illegal for Hooters to allow minors into the restaurant at all.

I wonder how long it will be before Michelle Obama starts jabbering on this issue. She’d be wildly out of place at Hooters and hates fried foods being fed to children.

Not that I would recommend taking your children to Hooters for meal. Hellfire! I wouldn’t recommend taking yourself to Hooters for a meal. Their food is mediocre at best and most of it doesn’t even rise to that level.

It’s a transparent gambit that would be laughed at anywhere but the Left Coast but one still worthy of reprisal, especially if things escalate or it looks like they might suborn enough of the California legal system to succeed in whole or in part.

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5 Responses to “Now That’s A Hoot!”

  1. Kurt Horvat Says:

    I really wish “NOW” would focus on more serious issues – frankly, if anyone is stupid enough to take their kid to Hooters to eat, and then wonder why little Dougie is still breastfeeding at ten years old, it’s daddy and mommy’s problem, not ours.

    God, pick your battles, folks!!

  2. jonolan Says:

    No, Kurt; you wish that NOW would focus on what normative and rational people think of as serious issues.

    Trust me in this, NOW is deadly serious about getting Hooters shut down and has been since very shortly after the one opened. It is a serious issue to them, one of the most serious in point of fact.

  3. Kurt Horvat Says:

    Well, I happen to think the four girls raped in New York by Tony Simmons who only got probation is a helluva lot more serious that Hooters Childrens Menu, but hey – I am probably delusional.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Delusion is certainly involved but, if you’re only wishing that NOW would change their priorities and not expecting it, the delusion is not on your part.

    NOW, along with most Feminist cabals, is deeply delusional. They have to be in order to maintain their cult of victimology and keep their bank accounts fat with donations.

    Face it, the real gender-related problems still facing women are too few and too specific to maintain the roster of donors that corporations like NOW needs.

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