Hooters Placates NOW

Feminazi Symbolism - Bringing You Hate Since 1968Hooters has chosen to placate the Feminazis of NOW in order to convince these pernicious harridans to cease their paper terrorism against them for daring to have high chairs and a children’s menu in their restaurants.

As perfectly befits Hooters, their solution was, “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.” It will also likely work given the agendas involved.

Playing directly into the raison d’Γͺtre of the Feminists, Hooters has decided to start producing and providing to all children brought into their restaurants very specific cookies!

Feminazi Fetus Cookie - Eating their own young is paramount
Hooters’ New Fetus Cookie – Kid Tested and Feminazi Approved

Fetus cookies would promulgate exactly the message that NOW holds as its core function, that the unborn should be killed at whim – as long as that whim belongs to a nominal female. Infanticide / Abortion is the foundation of their whole movement, as the behavior of Feminists during the 2008 elections proved beyond a shadow doubt to any sane American.

This brilliant, if immoral, tactic should get NOW to rethink their position on continuously attacking Hooters. After all, to a Feminist, what’s a few hot babes in skimpy clothing compared to getting children desensitized to the death of the unborn?

A spokesman for Hooters who asked to remain nameless informed said,

We’re not pleased with the idea of these cookies; they’re really sort of sick and creepy. They’ll probably do the trick and get NOW off our backs, at least for now, though.

When we showed the local NOW chapter samples of the cookies they really seemed to love them. I mean really love them. It ended up looking like the “Bake Sale From Hell”

The way those women started drooling and crunching on the fetus cookies was kind of scary, especially when they starting cooing and petting each other while stuffing their faces. Ugh!

We were..ah, how do I say it? We were getting pretty scared and disturbed by the end of it. It sort of looked like something from Shakespeare or one of those old Greek plays.

Obviously, we’ll have to wait and see how this pans out. The Feminists are not monolithic – except often in physical form πŸ˜‰ – and some might not want to back off from their attacks upon Hooters since some might be hetero and be more hurt and scared by the beautiful girls at Hooters then others, while many are lesbians and, hence, less personally concerned with indoctrinating children into accepting infanticide as a woman’s “right” than with just attacking any heterosexual display.

All in all though, these fetus cookies are probably Hooters best shot at placating NOW and getting them to cease and desist their paper terrorism.

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3 Responses to “Hooters Placates NOW”

  1. Penelope Schmon Says:

    Please tell me that this is a sick joke.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes; it’s a sick joke, though the cookie mold is real and can be easily purchased πŸ™

    Sadly though, it’s a question that had to be asked since it’s disturbingly plausible and might actual work!

  3. Penelope Schmon Says:

    :::heavy sigh::: Unfortuanately, you are probably right.

    Sometimes, I hate my species.

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